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What’s that bike? It’s Mobi bike!

What’s that bike? It’s Mobi bike!

あのチャリはなんだろう…Mobi bike!

(Photo from

I suppose that you have wondered about the blue bikes parked everywhere downtown. “What’s that..? Can I use one..?” Of course you can!! Mobi bike is a popular bike sharing service in Vancouver around downtown. It makes public bicycles available for shared use to individuals on a short-term basis. Everyone can use it from residents to tourists, to commute, run errands, visit friends, or casually cruise the city. Bike share is ideal for one-way trips! So let’s check how to use and enjoy cycling with mobi bike!

みなさん一度は「あの青いチャリはなんなんだろう…使っていいのかな…?」と思ったことがあるのではないでしょうか。もちろん使っていいんですよ!Mobi bikeはダウンタウンを中心にバンクーバーで提供されている、人気のバイクシェアリングサービスです。公共の自転車を短時間ではありますが個人で使用できるようになっています。住人から観光客まで誰でも使えて、通勤からちょっとしたお使い、お友達を訪ねたり街を散策したりと様々な用途で使われます。一日バンクーバーを散策するには理想的な交通手段!使い方をチェックして早速使ってみましょう!


【Here are the steps to start using mobi bike!】

1 : Resister (

Sign up from your computer or mobile phone (IOS / Android).

Create your account and choose your plan

Pay for it by credit card

Get User Code (7 digits)


2 : Ride a bike! (

Unlock a bike with your User Code at a station

Remove the bike



*A trip starts when you unlock a bike from a dock and ends when you properly return it to any available dock.

* The Mobi by Shaw Go helmet is attached to the bike. When unlocking the bike, you can access the helmet.


4 : Return your bike ! (*You can return your bike at any station.

Insert the front tire of bike into any available dock

Wait for the “BEEP” to make sure the bike is properly returned



1 : 登録する (

パソコンか携帯電話からSign upしましょう (IOS / Android).



User Code (7 digits)をゲット!


2 : 自転車を出す (

User Code (7 digits)で自転車のロックを解除します



3 : バンクーバー散策を楽しもう★


※Mobi bikeにはヘルメットがついています。ロックを解除したときに使えるようになるので必ず被りましょう。


4 : 自転車を返す(




(Photo from )


These are the simple instructions, so I recommend checking some points you should know before starting to use mobi bike on their website.

Mobi by Shaw Go is an easy, convenient and fun way to get around and explore Vancouver. Especially during this season, you can enjoy it while feeling a comfortable breeze! Why don’t you try it !?

上記は簡単な利用の流れになります。実際に登録したい方は事前にウェブサイトで詳細を確認してくださいね。Mobi bikeはバンクーバーを便利に楽しく散策する最高の手段です。特に今の時期は心地よい風を感じながら楽しめます!是非一度乗ってみてくださいね★

Why don’t you go to Queen Elizabeth Park on a sunny day!

Why don’t you go to Queen Elizabeth Park on a sunny day!

晴れの週末におすすめ!Queen Elizabeth Park!


Have you ever visited Queen Elizabeth Park? If not, why??? It is a perfect place to spend a relaxing day on weekends because it is full of beautiful flowers and greenery, has stunning scenery and some places to enjoy such as the Bloedel Conservatory, a restaurant, pitch and putt, tennis, roller hockey, and basketball courts. Just walking around the park will give you a relaxing and comfortable time!

みなさんはQueen Elizabeth Parkに行ったことがありますか? Queen Elizabeth Parkはたくさんの花や緑で溢れていて、頂上から見おろす景色も最高です。他にも植物園やレストラン、ピッチアンドプット(ゴルフに似たスポーツ)、テニス、ローラーホッケー、バスケなどのスポーツまで楽しめる場所もあります。公園の中をただ散歩するだけでも十分心地よい時間を楽しめますよ!

Queen Elizabeth Park is located at the geographic centre of Vancouver. It is said that it was a volcanic site that became a mountain. At 152 meters above sea level, the top of Queen Elizabeth Park is the highest point in Vancouver.  Here, you will find that it is the best place to enjoy spectacular views of the park, city, and mountains on the North Shore! You can use any transportation such as a car, bus and skytrain. It takes only 20 minutes by public transportation from downtown. It is a very convenient sightseeing spot for international students to visit even on weekdays after school.

Queen Elizabeth Parkは地理的にバンクーバーのほぼ中心に位置しています。元々火山性があったと言われていて、その結果このような山になったそうです。海抜152mの高さで、Queen Elizabeth Parkの頂上はバンクーバーで1番高い所となっているので、北海岸の公園、街並み、山々を一望できる、絶景スポットなんです!交通の便も良く、車、バス、スカイトレインで来ることができます。ダウンタウンから約20分程度なので、学生さんにとっては平日の放課後にも来れる、とても利便性の良い観光スポットなんですよ;)

As previously mentioned, you can enjoy various kinds of things there. In particular, The Bloedel Conservatory, which is an indoor tropical garden, is very famous and popular. It has more than 120 exotic birds and over 500 kinds of tropical plants inside the dome. The admission fee is $ 6.75 for adults. You need to pay this amount of money for the Conservatory only because we can enter the Park for free;)

The park also has a highly rated restaurant, “Seasons”, which is located right at the top of Queen Elizabeth Park. It is a wonderful place to enjoy the views. Do not forget to ask the server for a table by the window.

冒頭でお伝えした通り、Queen Elizabeth Parkではたくさんのことを楽しむことができるのですが、特にThe Bloedel Conservatoryが有名で人気があります。これはドーム型の屋内植物園で、120種以上の鳥や500種類以上の熱帯植物を見ることができます。入場料は大人ひとり$6.75で、Queen Elizabeth Park自体が入場料無料なので、払うお金はこれくらいで済ますことができます;)

さらにQueen Elizabeth Parkには人気のレストランがあります。Seasonsというレストランで、頂上の右手にあります。そうです!頂上の近くということは素晴らしい景色を楽しみながらおいしい食事を楽しめるということです!サーバーさんに「窓側でお願いします」と言うのを忘れないようにしてくださいね;)

Now is the best time to visit Queen Elizabeth Park! Find various kinds of flowers, feel a comfortable breeze and smell fresh greenery! If you want to know more, please check the website★

今はQueen Elizabeth Parkを訪れるのに絶好の季節!ぜひたくさんのお花を見つけて、涼しい風と若い緑の匂いを感じてくださいね!もっと知りたい方はWEBサイトをチェック★


Have you ridden the SEA BUS ???

Have you ridden the SEA BUS ???


The Seabus goes across the ocean to go to North Vancouver from waterfront station in Downtown. It is possible to use a bus to get to North Vancouver but, there is FREE WIFI inside the Seabus. Also the seabus is very huge, it can hold up to 400 people!! There is no need to worry about capacity.

Also there is local market near the station called Lonsdale Quay.

It is not only visited by a lot of tourists, but also local people, especially on the weekends. We can use the same compass card used for trains and buses. Although it is a 2 zone area, it will be 1 zone after 6:30pm on weekdays and all day weekends.






電車やバスと同じCompass Cardを使うことができ、シーバスを使いノースバンクーバへ行くと2ゾーンですが、平日6:30以降、週末は1ゾーンの値段で行くことができます。

HOURS:Now every 15 minutes everyday.

We want you to see the night view as well as the day view. We can spend an awesome time while moving. Let’s stop by Lonsdale Quay Market when you use the seabus.




Vancouver Comic Arts Festival

Vancouver Comic Arts Festival

漫画好きもクリエイティブなあなたも!集まれ!Vancouver Comic Arts Festival


Are you passionate about comics? Are you keen on something creative like illustration? If so, why don’t you go to VANCAF(Vancouver Comic Arts Festival)?? It is an annual event held by The Vancouver Comic Arts Association (VanCAA), which is a non-profit organization that supports and promotes the growth of the comic community in the city of Vancouver.

This year, it takes place at the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre in downtown on Saturday, May 18th and Sunday, May 19th, 2019. Admission is free.

みなさんは漫画がお好きですか?もしくはイラストなどのクリエイティブなものに興味がありますか?もしそうなら、VANCAF(Vancouver Comic Arts Festival)をお見逃しなく!VANCAFは毎年春に非営利団体The Vancouver Comic Arts Association (VanCAA)によって行われている、コミックに関するコミュニティの発展を促進させたり、漫画家を支援するのを目的としている人気イベントです。

今年は5月の18日(土)、19日(日)にダウンタウンのRoundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centreで行われます。しかも入場料は無料です!

This is a two-day celebration of comics and graphic novels and their creators.  You can enjoy various kinds of exhibits and vendor stalls by hundreds of creators or cartoonists from across the country and down the coast. In addition, readings, panels, lectures, and workshops are also held. VANCAF can be enjoyed many people from comic professionals to casual readers. VANCAF supports Vancouver comics, local creators and stories, so admission to all events is completely free, and participating fees for exhibitors are kept as low as possible.


For Japanese people who love Manga, this is an exciting opportunity to explore comics from other countries. You will find some interesting differences between works, such as illustrations, coloring and stories. If you can find a favorite one, it may be able to be even your learning tool for English! What a fun way!

Even if you do not have any interest in comics, you can enjoy seeing their creative work if you are interested in something artistic, Just going to VANCAF may give you a great impact on your sense of creativity;)



If you want to know more about VANCAF, please check their website! You can find their latest news!

These are photos of VANCAF. It will help you to know about the festival!





Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

感謝の気持ちを伝えよう。Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Even though our culture or customs are different from each country, we have a common thread in which we want to show our appreciation to our parents on a special day. Almost all people staying in Canada right now may be temporarily separated from their parents. So now is the time to tell show them your appreciation which you usually cannot share because of being bashful.



When I told my mother about going to Canada, she said, “Why do you have to go there now?”And was against it. I remember I needed to persuade her by texting because she was too emotional to talk with me directly. I could imagine her feeling a little bit because I had listened to many mothers worry for their children at my job. She must have various kinds of feelings like missing but wanting to encourage her daughter, worrying about the environment in a foreign country and anxiety for living alone.

What is interesting, however, is that she was very independent after I left Japan. “Hmm… I think once in a month is enough to talk on a video call. And we can text when something funny happens.”Even when I told her, ”I want to stay here as long as I can.” she said, “I know. I’m not surprised because I’ve already predicted that since you decided to go to Canada. By the way, do you have enough money to do that?”At that time, I knew she had let me go and started preparing to live alone for a long time.



How often do you contact your parents? By talking on the phone? Emailing? What do you talk about with them?

How about telling your mother your appreciation for her? How about calling your mother on Mother’s Day if you have not talked with her for a while? How about writing a letter or card on Mother’s Day? She will definitely be pleased! It will be nice to give your homestay mother a gift too, not only your real mother.




Japanese seem to not be so passionate to tell their love to their family members, compared with people in other countries. Of course it depends on the family. It may sound sad, but that means we Japanese make Mother’s Day more special and impressive instead of not saying “I love you” every day.

各家庭にもよりますが、やはり他の国に比べると日本人は家族に対しての愛情表現はそんなに情熱的ではないと思います。ただ毎日「I love you」と言わない代わりに、こうした日をとても特別な日にできるんだと思います。


If you felt like writing a letter to your mother, this article will help you ↓



【Sending a letter to Japan】


It will not arrive on Mother’s day, but your mother must be pleased to get a letter from you! I recommend you to use a card having big letters saying ‘Mother’s Day’. It is easier to recognize it is for Mother’s Day.

I hope your mom will not say “I got the early birthday card from you! Thank you!!” like my mom last year…^^;


私は去年遅れて出したら「早めのバースデーカードありがとう♪」と勘違いされたので、わかりやすくMOTHER’S DAYと書いてあるカードをおすすめします。

How to buy alcohol in Canada!!

How to buy alcohol in Canada!!



In Japan, alcohol can be purchased anywhere in supermarkets, convenience stores, or even vending machines, but in Vancouver, BC (British Columbia), you can only purchase where the government allows alcohol to be sold. Basically, we buy alcohol at the BC Liquor Store, though some supermarkets have been selling alcohol since last year (2018).


★We can not buy alcohol in a convenience store or supermarket

★Please note that business hours are different depending on stores for BC Liquor Stores.


It is a rule that we must be over 19 years old to buy alcohol.

We have to show them 2 types of ID such as a passport, credit card, or driver’s license). *They do not accept copies


Also all the members who are in the cash register must show 2 types of ID to the staff when we purchasing alcohol.

Please wait outside if there is a person who does not have it.

In addition, in Canada, it is only possible to drink inside.

Please note that we can not drink outside such as at a beach, park, festival.


昨年2018年頃から一部のスーパーマーケットでワインの販売が認められはじめましたが、基本的にはBC Liquor StoreもしくはBC 認可のプライベートのお店で購入することができます。



★BC Liquor Storeは店舗によって営業時間が異なるので注意が必要です。





Whistler Go Fest May17th-20th


Whistler Go Fest May17th-20th

Go Fest Whistler celebrates everything that is great about Whistler, British Columbia, one of the best international mountain towns in the world. On Victoria Day weekend in late May, people from all over the world converge on Whistler. May is the month when summer and winter meet, where sliding on snow, golfing, bike riding and water sports can all be enjoyed on a single day. Besides that, you can enjoy other things too such as Arts, Culture, Music and so on. For more information and schedule, please visit the website below.


By the way, if you go to Whistler, I highly recommend going the top of the mountain. Hereare my recommendations.

・Peak 2 Peak

The gondola connecting Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain was completed in 2009. In the valleys of the two mountains there are no pillars to support the cable, there are only two huge struts on both mountains. The gondola seems to be floating in the sky. The scenery from the gondola is very beautiful and you can enjoy the views around Whistler.


・A new peak suspension bridge

Whistler Snow Park opened a new peak suspension bridge – a 130 meters-long suspension bridge at the peak of Whistler Mountain, located at an elevation of about 2,194 meters above sea level. This bridge is about 30 meters long.


It is now one of the highest elevation suspension bridges in the world.



Go Fest Whistleは、世界でも有数の国際的な山間の町であるウィスラー、ブリティッシュコロンビア州に関する全てのイベントを春の訪れとともに祝います! 5月下旬のビクトリアデーの週末には、世界中の人々がウィスラーに集まります。 5月は夏と冬が出会う月で、雪上での滑走、ゴルフ、サイクリング、ましてやサイクリングなど、全てのスポーツを1日で楽しむことができます!それ以外にも、芸術、文化、音楽など他のものも楽しむことができますよ!




・Peak 2 Peak




ウィスラーには最近、海抜約2,194メートルの高さにある長さ130メートルの吊り橋を開設しました。 この橋の長さは約30メートルで、今世界で最も高い標高の吊り橋の一つです!



Go to the Rocky Mountains and gain English skills and money!!

Go to the Rocky Mountains and gain English skills and money!!


Why did you come to Canada? What kind of purpose or motivation do you have? I suppose everyone has their own reasons such as, “I want to improve my English skills!” ”I want to try to live in a foreign country!” ”I want to catch up with my friends because they have experienced studying abroad!” And what about this?




“I want to grow and come to love myself more.”


No matter what kind of reasons you have, this is one of your reasons for you coming here, isn’t it? It is very important to have a desire for personal growth. Today I would like to suggest going to and working in the Rocky Mountains, which has a different condition compared with cities, in order to grow yourself in Canada!


(Photo by


‘WORK & TRAVEL PROGRAM’-Grab a great experience by working in an English-using environment- by International House Vancouver

Even though your English skill is still limited, you can try to work in an English-only environment. This is an amazing chance to make your English skills better, learn a lot of significant things apart from English and to make you grow.

~英語環境で働く感動の体験 WORK & TRAVELプログラム(学校:IH Vancouver)~



In order to join this program, you need to study at IH Vancouver for three months and improve your English skills at least toLower Intermediate level. After that, IH Vancouver will introduce you toa hotel in a resort area where you can work. (Usually near the Rocky Mountains) You can decide the length of work from three months to six months. Also, this is a live-in job!

This is a unique program which has a very passionate message from the staff at IH Vancouver; Hey guys coming here for working holiday! Don’t be satisfied with working at a Japanese restaurant after learning English in a language school! Train yourself in the mountains, grab an amazing experience and discover yourself!

語学学校で3ヶ月間、最低でもLower Intermediateまで英語力を上げた後、IH Vancouverがリゾート地のホテルを就業先として紹介してくれます。3ヶ月から6ヶ月の期間、有給で、しかも住み込みで働くことができるんです!

「ワーホリでカナダに来ている若者たち!語学学校卒業してなんとなくジャパレスで働くんじゃなくて、ポーンと山で修行して、ひと皮むけて来いよ!」という、IH Vancouverスタッフのみなさんの熱い想いが込められた、ユニークなプログラムとなっています!

“I want to improve my English skills in a short period of time!”

“I want to improve my pronunciation!”

“I want to have a more Canadian experience!”

“I have an interest in the field of hospitality!”

“I want to work at a hotel!”

(but don’t have enough English skills to work at hotels inthe cities…)

“I want to learn some interesting topics!”

“I can’t stand climbing a mountain if it is in front of me!”

“Anyway, I need to save money!”











If you are like these, you should try right now!

If you would like to know the details, please feel free to contact us!^^



These are some tips and suggestions to learn English quickly!!!!

These are some tips and suggestions to learn English quickly!!!!



Studying English is not easy and yet everyone who is studying it wants to speak it as much as possible.

We never know which method to study is the best.

Let me introduce how we improve it.

What we most likely focus on is input and output!!!!!


1.Memorize words with images and sentences in English.

We think these words are useful words that we often use in everyday life, so please remember the English words that we use.

Please do not try to memorize those words/vocabulary only.


2.Read newspaper !! Watch movies !!

The more we keep reading the more we learn new words.


3.Having opportunities to spend time without Japanese.

This is one thing that we can only do abroad.

Try to mix as much as possible as well as your group of friends.


4.Understand basic sentence patterns& parts of speech

Without understanding how to make sentences,it is impossible to speak English.


5.Output many times as much as possible from what we input.

Speaking out many times makes us confident as much as our own language. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF MAKING MISTAKES!!!

Repetition is very important to try something new.






















It will be the last thing everyone is able to do right now. We want you to keep is SMILE and USE A BIG VOICE!!



Tips for seeking a share houses


Tips for seeking share houses

Is there someone who wants to move to a share house or room?

I think that some people don’t know how to search for one.

Today, I will tell you how you can find a share house or room.


There are two popular web sites to find a room in Vancouver.


JP Canada

It is a famous bulletin board for finding room in Japanese. Most of the international students who are coming to Canada know of this site.

Because it is Japanese, if you search for a room share or share house, you can easily find a room by contacting the property postings here. Since it is a bulletin board that anyone can contribute, please be careful how you use it.


Craigslist Vancouver

It is a site where you can find everything from furniture to rooms and vehicles. However it is written in English, so it might be hard for some but, having said that you should definitely check Craigslist to find a share house or room share in an English environment!

There is much information to be found on it, but there are also many users, so popular rooms will soon disappear so let’s get in touch as soon as you find a good room.


Please do not go alone if possible, and do not get food or drinks from the landlord. There are some bad people who may put strange things in the food, so be alert and be careful.








JP Canada






Craigslist Vancouver