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Miss what summer feels like?
13180 Mitchell Road Richmond British Columbia V6V 1M8

Are you a summer person or a winter person?
Now, it’s winter in Vancouver and the winter in Vancouver is long… Many people complain about it, but not everyone can afford a second home in a warmer place…
To get rid of your winter blues (or if you want to try and remember what summer feels like again, or if it’s raining), why don’t you head to 6 Pack Indoor Beach? I can’t deny that Vancouver is so rainy and the winter is long but there are so many things to do in Vancouver so that you never get bored!

It costs only $15 to drop-in with a group or as an individual and play beach volleyball to your heart’s content. Drop in times range from 10am to 6pm and late night from 9:30pm to 1am. They have Archery Tag, Soccer Darts, and you could even try sand castle building! ahah
If you are too tired to leave, they also feature Sleepover Beach Parties. For just $45-$60 a guest, experience the fun of sleeping on a beach, without the threat of rain or snow.


Speaking Seminar at Enjoy Canada

Today, we had a speaking seminar with Mari from Vector International Academy:)

Speaking skills are a vitally important method of communication, and without communication skills, the ability to progress in the working world and in life, itself, would be nearly impossible..

Especially for Japanese people, many of them have an intense fear of making mistakes or being embarrassed in public. Even when the teacher encourages open communication, many Japanese students are too shy to speak up during class because they don’t want to make mistakes in front of other classmates.

Those who want to overcome and improve speaking skills, you should take opportunities to practice English!

沢山の日本人の方が苦手なスピーキング。今日はEnjoy Canada のオフィスで、VectorアカデミーのMariさん共に、スピーキングを伸ばしたいという生徒さんに向けてのSpeakingのレッスンを開催しました!


Enjoy Canada は英語レッスン、セミナー、移民セッションやフードイベントなども頻繁にやっているのでお気軽に来てください♪ そして日本人のみだけでなく、韓国・中国・ブラジル・メキシコ・スペイン・トルコのスタッフや生徒さんもいるので、多国籍で楽しいイベントばかりです






let me introduce our EC member, Naho!

Hi everyone, let me introduce our EC member, Naho!




This lovely woman came to Canada by herself when she was 16. She went to high school in Surrey and graduated high school in North Vancouver. After that, she went back to Tokyo and spent 1 year at Aoyama Gakuin Woman’s College. She got 1st place at a Speech contest as well. Since she likes communicating and interacting with people, she decided to come back to Vancouver to study, “Hospitality Management”. Now, she is working at YVR airport and Enjoy Canada Agency as our social media developer and visa documents assistant.

Naho is a very communicative person and her personality is also very cool! She is a kind, smart and funny person yet super beautiful!

Also, she is great at drawing and dancing, last time, EC’s manager, Akiko and Mariko went to see her show case!

[Dance team, HONEY a’]  @honeydancehbc

To those whom are Naho’s fans and missed that special show, we would like to share with you her sexy dance!
She also, organizes and participates some fun events/seminars at EC.

If you want to know how to improve your English or need assistance with visas and institution applications or are interested in studying, “Hospitality Management”, she is the right person to ask!

Get some counselling from her 🙂



Instagram: @enjoycanada_jp and @naho_x

Happy Thursday to all😘

























Have you ever experienced the feeling of “heaven”?

In whistler, there is a place you can feel like you are in the heaven.

Scandinave spa
Location: 8010 Mons Road, Whistler

Scandinave Spa Whistler offers a traditional Scandinavian baths experience in a peaceful and natural environment. It’s located a five-minute drive from Whistler Village. A short walk through the forest set a mood of tranquility before arriving at the spa.

Scandinavian Bath access is $70 per person for the day and requires no reservation. You can also choose for a massage (eg Swedish, thai, RMT, prenatal) that includes baths access too.
Bath access includes towels and a storage locker (you can rent a robe for $13). There are showers and amenities, such as lotions, shampoo, body wash and hair dryers, for your after-bath experience. Also, there are complimentary drinks and apples in the lobby too.

They have a strict silence policy, making it incredibly peaceful without the distraction of interaction and chatter. Cell phones are also not permitted. I went there for New Year Eve, and it was one of my best experiences. I stayed there for four hours but this experience is too good to miss checking social media.
When you feel like you need a little break from work, school, conflicts or anything in your life, I highly recommend you to go to this place to refresh yourself😊 Yes, it does make you feel like you are in heaven.

Scandinave Spaをご存じですか?ウィスラーの大自然の中にある天国のようなスパ。ウィスラー村から車で5分ほどの距離にあり、スパに到着するまでも林に囲まれており平穏なムードにしてくれます。





The common English words that Japanese people have a trouble with pronunciation

和製英語 発音ver

  1. WorkとWalk


For Japanese people, it’s hard to pronounce “L” and “R”. For example, we say work “wak” but native speakers pronounce walk “wak”.



まず気を付けることはwalk には “L(エル)” の音は入らないということ。発音記号は [a] になります。

なので、walk は発音記号で書くと [wak] になるのです。日本人は「ウォーク」とカタカナ英語で言うのですが、この音は発音するときに難しいことは、日本語にこの音がなく日本語の「ア」でも「オ」の音でもありません。



次は “work” の発音。work は発音記号で書くと、[wərk] になります。

スペルを見ると “o” が入っているので、これまた「オー」とやりがちですが、実は [ə] という「あいまい母音」なのです。


口を半開きにしてあいまいに発音し、 r は舌を後ろに引きながら発音するのがポイントです(巻き舌ではないので注意)

walk は 口を大きめに開けて [waaa-k]、work は口の開きはそこそこで [were-k] と発音するのがコツです。



  1. Coffee

This one is so confusing for some Japanese people. We don’t have “C” sound and we don’t pronounce “F” as native speakers do.






  1. Vitamin

Since we don’t have “V” sound and read V and I all together, we say “bi-ta-min”.






Need to ship items to Japan? Take this great deal!

Yamato transport service

Need to ship items to Japan? Kuroneko Yamato is the best option!
Kuroneko Yamato (Yamato Transport Co. Ltd.) is Japan’s largest door-to-door delivery service companiy. It is known as a great service provider.

Why Yamato?
1. Reasonable price
You can choose from three sizes and put as much as you can (should be under 25kg)

2. Safe, Secure and Reliable
You are able to track your shipments and know where it is.

3. Convenient
You can pack your items and fill the paper in our office (you can also pack in your house and bring it to our office), also you can set the time when you want your package to arrive. You can pay by cash and or card.

4. Fast service
Your box will arrive in approximately 6-10 days.
*Some things are restricted to ship to Japan, such as fragile items, sprays, manicures, meat products, converse shoes/boots…etc. Please check the link below.





Enjoy Canadaのオフィスで箱代(3ドル)+送料と日本語での書類を書くだけ! オフィスで荷詰めも可能ですし、家で箱詰めしてオフィスに持ってきてもらってもOK!さらに、お届け時間も設定できます





Friday is here!


Thanks God it’s Friday, because the weekend has landed and it’s time to forget about school or work and just ENJOY YOUR TIME. Happy Friday everyone!

Book stores from Ghibli movie?

Raincouver is here already. What do you usually do on Rainy day? Some people like to play games, some people like to binge-watch movies, and some people like to read books…
For book lovers, here are some great book stores in Vancouver! (even if you are not a huge fan of books, explorers, people who like taking pictures and ANYONE can enjoy these book stores)

MacLeod’s Books

MacLeod’s Books is Vancouver’s largest used-book store. It’s located on West Pender Street. At MacLeod’s Books, packed bookshelves stretch almost to the cathedral ceilings. If you love books, this would be HEAVEN for you. You can be literally surrounded by books.
West Pender通りにある、バンクーバーで一番大きい本屋さん。天井まで行き届くほど本が沢山あり、本好きの方には天国のような場所です。本は勿論、Photogenicな場所としても有名な本屋さんです。

The Paper Hound

This is also located on West Pender Street. Not only can you find great books, but also post cards, posters and many things made by “paper”.
この本屋もMacLeod’s Booksと一緒でWest Pender通りにあるかわいい本屋さんです。本だけでなくポストカードやポスターなど、紙で作られたものが沢山おいてあります。



Image result for friday meme

It is Friday, everyoneee!! What are you planning to do today? Drinking? Going to clubbing? Karaoke night? Having a fancy dinner with your loved one or friends?

Enjoy YOUR Friday, guys!

Let me introduce our Enjoy Canada family!vol3

Let me introduce our Enjoy Canada family!


Hello!  My name is Ignacio Guzman, I was born in Mexico and lived in Argentina, US and Canada throughout all my life.

Since I was very young I fell in love with filmmaking, and at age 16 I started a small business that eventually made me an


Ever since, I have been working on and learning about entrepreneurship, creativity, marketing, and other very cool stuff like bodybuilding and nutrition.

I love being friendly and helping others to achieve great things.

I also enjoy talking about anything that can be learned. My friends and I really like spending time outside, in the GYM,

working or partying. Feel free to talk to me if you want. Who knows, this might be the beginning of an incredible friendship.