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Want to feel like a noble today?

32 Water Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1A4

Mosquito Desserts & Champagne is one of the popular locations for desserts in Vancouver. It is located on 32 Water Street in Gastown. The restaurant is elegant and chic. It makes for the perfect location for the best date night. Now that they have also introduced Afternoon High Tea on Sundays between 1 to 4 pm – there is another reason to simply indulge!

デザートとシャンパンにとても力を入れていてとても高級感溢れる雰囲気のよいMospuito。とてもオシャレな町、ガスタウンの真ん中の32 Water stにあり、デートにおすすめのスポットです。日曜日の1時から4時の間はAfternoon teaをやっていて、50ドルでアフタヌーンティーを楽しむことが出来ます。食事やドリンクだけでなく、お店の雰囲気もとても素敵

Mosquito Dessert Afternoon High Tea Menu/アフタヌーンティーメニュー
$50 per person/1人50ドル

Panier de Mini Madeleines: Olive Oil & Orange Blossom (freshly baked and served warm)
Onion Gruyère & Prosciutto Quiche
Smoked Sockeye Salmon & Crème Fraîche
Cucumber Mint & Cream Cheese
Tomato Mozzarella Macaron


Neverland Tea

Neverland Tea Salon is located in Kitsilano and is a popular cafe serving up high tea. They take inspiration from Peter Pan, thus the name Neverland. What stands out is their variety of high teas that can cater towards vegans and those who are gluten and diary free. Good for groups of people with dietary restrictions, so they can dine together. We made a reservation ahead of time to ensure a spot.



Demi Tea | 25 per person
Vegan Demi Tea | 26 per person
Up to two pots of tea and the courses indicated below*
Bubbles | 10
sparkling wine rosè mimosa
Neverland Grande High Tea | 38 per person
Neverland Vegan Grande High Tea | 40 per person


The Best Way to Survive Cold Winter


It’s getting colder and colder in Vancouver. Nothing like a cup of delicious hot chocolate to give you a warm hug on a cold day!

The Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival is a local excuse for people to treat themselves to mugs of hot chocolate from some of the city’s best cafes. The 2018 Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival runs from January 20th until February 14th (the last day of which is Valentine’s Day).

Numerous cafes, bakeries and chocolatiers throughout the region participate in the event by offering extra special gourmet cups of hot chocolate on their menus. Even a few gelato and specialty ice cream shops join in too! Participants includes Thomas Haas, 49th Parallel Coffee, Koko Monk Chocolate, Thierry and Mink Chocolate…etc.


バンクーバーではVancouver Hot Chocolate Festivalというイベントが1月20日からバレンタインデーの2月14日まで開催されています。色々な地域からも沢山のカフェやベーカリーが参加しており、特別なホットチョコレートを提供しています。ホットチョコレートだけでなく、いくつかのジェラート・アイスのお店も参加しています。ラインアップもとても豪華で、Thomas Haas, 49th Parallel Coffee, Koko Monk Chocolate, Thierry and Mink Chocolateなどが参加しています。