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Kelowna trip










We will travel to Kelowna with Enjoy Canada members!

Kelowna is far from downtown Vancouver yet it is called the Hawaii of Canada. Much like the resort city, it is crowded with many people in the summer. Enjoy Canada rents a bus every year and travels to the beautiful city. We look forward to the fun activities such as visiting wineries and cherry picking!


In the middle of the city of Kelowna, you can find Okanagan Lake. It is a huge lake extending 5 km east to west and 135 km north to south. There are beaches all along the perimeter and you can swim in the lake. The lake is also very beautiful. This year, we will have a BBQ at the beach on this lake!


Enjoy Canada has a lot of fun events!

If you are interested, please come and visit the office!












Enjoy Canadaメンバーでケロウナに旅行に行きます!


Enjoy Canadaでは毎年バスを貸し切り、ワイナリーやチェリーピッキングなど様々なアクティビティを楽しみに行きます!


ケロウナの街の真ん中にはオカナガン湖があります。東西に5km、南北に約135 kmも延びる巨大な湖です。至るところにビーチがあり、湖で泳ぐことができます。海ではないので当然波も立たず、水もとてもきれいで透き通っています。今年はこの湖のビーチでBBQをやります!


Enjoy Canadaではこの他にもたくさんのイベントを用意しています!



Opportunities to practice

Do you want to improve your English? Go get this opportunity!

語学力を向上したいと思いませんか?? お洒落なカフェの英会話クラブに参加してみては!?

*Conversational English

Waves Café (Located at Howe St and Smith St). You can practice English for free, also you can meet many new friends from different countries.

ダウンタウンのWAVES CAFE(Howeストリート X Smith ストリートの角)でやっている英会話クラブ。英語を習得したいと思っている人の為の無料のイベントです。色々な国の方々が参加するので、沢山の人に出会える機会でもあり、完全に英語環境なので英語を上達させる最高な機会です。

This club is for anyone who wants to learn or wants to help people learn English and learn about Canadian culture. This group is a casual and fun way to practice English and to build confidence. It’s also good for socializing, making friends, learning about and exploring the city.





Unfortunately, boys are NOT allowed to ask girls for their contact information. Boys ARE allowed to invite girls to do things with them but if a girl says, “NO” to an invitation, the boy MUST accept “NO” for an answer IMMEDIATELY. If a girl says “YES” to an invitation, the boy may offer his PHONE NUMBER. There are staff members there so you do not have to be worried or nervous to join!




Conversation clubのスタッフもいて監視しているので、安心して参加できます。

Fight with Strangers By Using Your Pillow

In Vancouver, we do unique/weird events very often, such as Zombie walk, naked bike ride, 420, polar bear swim and No pants sky train ride Day…etc. Today, I will introduce one of those crazy events, “Pillow Fight”.

The event, held on the first Saturday of April each year, was located in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Participants brought their own pillows and enjoyed swinging and clobbering each other, with rules mandating participants to not break cameras, eyeglasses, and to throw away any ‘used’ pillows after the event is over.












Really crazy…but sounds so fun, right? So here are some rules when you participate the event.

Pillow Fight Rules

Don’t be in location until exactly 3 pm.

Keep your pillows concealed until starting time.

Right at 3 pm rush in screaming “PILLOW FIGHT!”

Have fun pillow fighting for 15 minutes and then promptly leave the area.

Stay in the plaza area and off the roads and sidewalks.

Hit ONLY people with pillows. If a person doesn’t have a pillow and is obviously not participating, don’t hit them!

Use common sense! Fight for fun. Don’t hurt anyone.Participate and/or stand in the immediate vicinity at your own risk!



  1. 始まる時間ぴったりまで、会場に行かないこと!
  2. 枕は始まるまで隠す
  3.  3時になったら走りながら「ピロウ・ファイッ!!!」と叫び開始
  4. 15分間暴れ楽しんだら、すぐさまその場から去る
  5. 道路や通行路からは離れる
  6. 枕で人を殴るのはOK。そして枕を持っていない人や明らかに参加していない人をたたかないこと




Speaking Seminar at Enjoy Canada

Today, we had a speaking seminar with Mari from Vector International Academy:)

Speaking skills are a vitally important method of communication, and without communication skills, the ability to progress in the working world and in life, itself, would be nearly impossible..

Especially for Japanese people, many of them have an intense fear of making mistakes or being embarrassed in public. Even when the teacher encourages open communication, many Japanese students are too shy to speak up during class because they don’t want to make mistakes in front of other classmates.

Those who want to overcome and improve speaking skills, you should take opportunities to practice English!

沢山の日本人の方が苦手なスピーキング。今日はEnjoy Canada のオフィスで、VectorアカデミーのMariさん共に、スピーキングを伸ばしたいという生徒さんに向けてのSpeakingのレッスンを開催しました!


Enjoy Canada は英語レッスン、セミナー、移民セッションやフードイベントなども頻繁にやっているのでお気軽に来てください♪ そして日本人のみだけでなく、韓国・中国・ブラジル・メキシコ・スペイン・トルコのスタッフや生徒さんもいるので、多国籍で楽しいイベントばかりです






Try things you’ve never tried before

LOCATION: 240 East Cordora St, Vancouver, BC,

PHONE #: 604-665-3346



Do you like watching creepy movies? How about watching a scary movie in the “Morgue” …?

The Vancouver Police Museum is offering this for thrill-seekers looking for a more interesting place to get their spirits. Movies in the Morgue is a monthly event that happens on the second Tuesday of every month at the old Vancouver city morgue.

Movies in the Morgue start at 7pm (doors open at 6:30pm) and cost only $10 for the screening. You’re also invited to bring comfortable pillows and blankets to really get comfortable



Turner & Hooch – January 12

My Bloody Valentine – February 9

The Shawshank Redemption – March 8

Hot Fuzz – April 12

The Silence of the Lambs – May 10


バンクーバーはとてもユニークなイベントなどが沢山あります。留学に来たからには、自分が今まで経験したことがないことや留学先でしかできないようなことを経験したいですよね。このMovies in the Morgueというイベントはその名の通り「遺体安置所」で行われるというとてもユニークなイベント。ホラーが好きな人・度胸試しをしたい人には是非体験してほしいイベントです。Movies in the Morgueは毎月、第二火曜日の午後7時から(ドアオープンが6時30分)開催しています。値段はたった$10で、枕やブランケットなど持ち込んで心地よく鑑賞することも出来ます。


Color Me Rad Vancouver 2016

Color Me Rad Vancouver 2016!


October 8th at 9am


UBC Thunder Bird Stadium



This is a fun race!

While wearing white t-shits, get blasted with color and paint until you are covered on the

other side! Guarantee to have good time!

Here is last year’s Color Me Rad video!

The powder is made from corn so it’s not harmful to the body, no worries!

If you want to join this race you must register online.