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Things to do in Stanley Park

It would be one whole day to see everything in Stanley Park. It is a good place to date with your partner or hanging out with your friends. Stanley Park is very big and the size is nominated in the top 10 in North America. I recommend cycling around Stanley Park. You can easily rent a bike in there. The weather in Vancouver is not humid, so it is very comfortable to spend. It is nice to feel the wind and enjoying the views.









During the cycling, you will see several totem poles. They are made by nations and become symbols in the Stanley Park. Those are inspiring from bear, flog, shark, and etc. It would be fun to guess what inspired each totem pole. You can learn the history of nations before people, immigrants Canada in Stanley Park.










There are also Vancouver Aquarium in the Stanley Park. The aquarium is very huge. You can observe many unique ecosystems that has developed is British Colombia. White dolphin is one of the protagonists in the aquarium.











Main Street Car Free day is coming!

Main Street Car Free day is coming!









Car Free Festivals is coming in this year, too. During the festivals, you can freely walk many places in downtown without concerning about car.
This event is for culturizing community and art through no car-area. So, there are many stalls in many streets. You can enjoy eating foods and checking local arts. You will also see many amazing performances on the street.


There are several events during the Car Free Festival. Those below are the locations and details.

• Westend Car Free Festival
There will be music stage.
Location: Denman Street from Davie to Robson
Time: Noon to 7 pm Saturday, June 16th

• Main Street Car Free Festival
There will be funky artisans and popular food vendors.
Location: Broadway to 30th on Main Street
Time: Noon to 7 pm Sunday, June 17th

• Commercial Broadway Car Free Festival
There will be much unique shopping and food.
Location: Venables to N. Grandview on Commercial Drive
Time: Noon to 7 pm Sunday, July 8th

• Kitsilano Block Parties
There are many things that kids love.
Location: Kitsilano
Time: June 16th, 17th and June 30th to July 2nd

BC’s biggest waterpark is coming soon!!

BC’s biggest waterpark is coming soon!!

Cultus Lake Waterpark. (amusement.force / Instagram)







Get ready to slip and slide your way into summertime, with a trip to BC’s biggest waterpark, beginning next month.

About a 90-minute drive east from Vancouver, Cultus Lake Waterpark features numerous waterslides of all sizes, a lazy river, and multiple children’s play areas.


There are also hot tubs, to warm up in between sliding time.


Beginning on Saturday, June 2 through the end of the summer season, the park, located at 4150 Columbia Valley Highway, is open every day from 10 am to 6:30 pm.


Tickets are $30.48 for those over 4 feet tall, and $20.96, for those under that height.


Built in the mid 1980s, the park is owned and operated by a local BC family.


In its 30-plus year history, the park has been continuously upgraded and expanded into what it is today.














バンクーバーから東へ約90分のところにある、Cultus Lake Waterparkには、



6月2日(土)から夏期の終わりまで、4150コロンビア・バレー・ハイウェイ(Columbia Valley Highway)にてパークは開催されます!







I‘ll introduce the unit which is used by the Canadian.

Do you know about ‘Units’ used in Canada?


This time, I would like to introduce some “units” that I often see during my stay in Canada.

General unit to be seen in Canada



Unit of weight

Pound (lb)

It is common that the price tag of goods in the supermarket is written in this pound (lb). It may roughly be 450 g and it may be good to remember. Also, we can use this pound well as a scale.


Oz (oz)

It is a unit commonly used for weight of liquids.

In Canada it is 1 ounce = 28.35 g. So it may be nice to remember the same ounce as a Japanese spoon of metered spoon!


Unit of length

Feet (ft) / inch (in)

Height is often used together with feet and inches. 1 foot = 30.48 cm, 1 inch = 2.54 cm. So, height 170 cm is expressed as “5 feet, 7 inches”.






















フィート(ft)/ インチ(in)


I‘ll introduce Lonsdale Quay Market, the place where locals love!

I‘ll introduce Lonsdale Quay Market, the place where locals love!


Speaking of the marketplace that has been loved by many people since its inception on the site of Vancouver Expo in 1986, “Lonsdale Quay Market”. Lonsdale Quay, also known as the entrance to North Vancouver, can be reached by sea bus from downtown’s waterfront station. Located at the end of Lonsdale Ave., there are buses to North and West as well as the sea bus, which are a key part of public transport in North Vancouver.

Lonsdale Key is not only easier to access, about 15 minutes from Vancouver, but also has a marketplace with many restaurants, grocery stores, shops, etc., and there are popular tourist spots for both tourists and local guests. In addition to opening a lot of events on the weekends etc, the view of Vancouver city, which can be overlooked from the market square, is so wonderful.


1986年に開催されたバンクーバー・エキスポの跡地に誕生して以来、多くの人々に愛され続けてきたマーケットプレイスといえば『Lonsdale Quay Market』。ノースバンクーバーの玄関とも言われるロンズデール・キー(Lonsdale Quay)は、ダウンタウンのウォーターフロント駅からシーバスで行く事ができます。ロンズデール通り(Lonsdale Ave.)の終点に位置し、シーバス発着だけでなくノース、ウエスト各方面へのバスも出ており、ノースバンクーバーにおける公共交通機関の要所となっています。








Address:123 Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver, BC



Let me introduce to you, the Grouse Grind, the place where locals choose!

Let me introduce to you, the Grouse Grind, the place where locals choose!




It is the name of a mountaineering trail on Grouse Mountain.

It is super hard, about 3 km, the difference in elevation of the trail is 853 m!!

I think that it is impossible to imagine, but rather than walking on the mountain path, I feel like that I’m going up a steep stairway, the total number of stairs is 2830 steps!


The average time required is about one and a half hours.

It is frowned upon to turn back, as it may impede those trying to competitively climb up so, once you go in, you should climb your way to the very top.


The scenery and view from the top is the best, Vancouver city spreads under your eyes!


By the way, about 100,000 people climb this trail every year.

Some people are competing for the shortest time to climb, the best record is 25 minutes!


Please try challenging it!


地元では知らぬ人のいない Grouse Grind!

バンクーバー市内の北、Grouse Mountain(グラウス マウンテン)にある山登りトレイルの名前です。






Spicy Food Challenges in Vancouver

Bobby Wing

Address: 1162 Granville St









You haven’t experienced chicken wings until you’ve quavered before the likes of the Bobby Wing at Wings on Granville.

Any visit to Wings on Granville is incomplete without at least one person at your table trying this crazy heat-packed wing. Get bragging rights for life by signing your name on the dotted line and permitting Wings to serve you a part of the chicken that may leave you in the hospital…You don’t believe me? Just try it.

Just a small warning, you may cry. But, always remember, the mouth-on-fire feeling is fleeting; bragging rights last forever! Hahaha

Wings Restaurant also has locations in: Terrace, Rutland, Vernon, Quesnel, Kelowna, White Rock, Surrey, Langley, Edmonton, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Abbotsford, and a roving food truck.

バンクーバーのみではなく、ケロウナやホワイトロック、サーレー、バーナビーにもあるWings restaurant。ここに来たからにはテーブルで少なくとも1人、この激辛ウィングスを試すべき!! 試す前に一応注意しますが、、すごく辛いです。もしかしたら泣いてしまうほど。でも普通のレストランでは試せないので是非度胸試しで試してみては。

Let me introduce our Enjoy Canada family,Luis!!

Hello everyone!!

I’m Luiz , the new Homestay coordinator. I’m always positive and smiling because life is fun!! Always ready to help you the best way possible !!!

My hobbies are cycling, snowboarding, driving (yes I love to drive!!!)







Difference between Japan and Canada

There are many cultural differences between Japan and Canada. Too many to list but I will introduce some of them today.

1, You can talk on your cellphone on train and bus

In Japan, talking on the phone is a big “No-no” for train etiquette. However, in Canada, you can talk on the phone in train, bus and other public transportations! I often see people eating in the train too.

2, You drive on the right side of the road in Canada

In Japan, the road for vehicles is always on the left side. Also, there are roads for bicycle in Canada.

3, Tipping

There is no tipping in Japan, yet the hospitality service in Japan in said to be the best in the world. In Canada, you have to add tip when you go to the restaurant.









Fight with Strangers By Using Your Pillow

In Vancouver, we do unique/weird events very often, such as Zombie walk, naked bike ride, 420, polar bear swim and No pants sky train ride Day…etc. Today, I will introduce one of those crazy events, “Pillow Fight”.

The event, held on the first Saturday of April each year, was located in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Participants brought their own pillows and enjoyed swinging and clobbering each other, with rules mandating participants to not break cameras, eyeglasses, and to throw away any ‘used’ pillows after the event is over.












Really crazy…but sounds so fun, right? So here are some rules when you participate the event.

Pillow Fight Rules

Don’t be in location until exactly 3 pm.

Keep your pillows concealed until starting time.

Right at 3 pm rush in screaming “PILLOW FIGHT!”

Have fun pillow fighting for 15 minutes and then promptly leave the area.

Stay in the plaza area and off the roads and sidewalks.

Hit ONLY people with pillows. If a person doesn’t have a pillow and is obviously not participating, don’t hit them!

Use common sense! Fight for fun. Don’t hurt anyone.Participate and/or stand in the immediate vicinity at your own risk!



  1. 始まる時間ぴったりまで、会場に行かないこと!
  2. 枕は始まるまで隠す
  3.  3時になったら走りながら「ピロウ・ファイッ!!!」と叫び開始
  4. 15分間暴れ楽しんだら、すぐさまその場から去る
  5. 道路や通行路からは離れる
  6. 枕で人を殴るのはOK。そして枕を持っていない人や明らかに参加していない人をたたかないこと