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Hidden Thai food place you never want to miss!

Hidden Thai food place you never want to miss!

3755 Main Street, 604-568-8538.

Open daily 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and 5 to 9 p.m

Have you ever been to, “Bob likes Thai food”? It’s one of the BEST Thai food restaurants in Vancouver! It’s a home-style Thai kitchen.

Surprisingly, the owner’s name is not Bob. Raised in Bangkok, the owner, Keattivanichvily came to Vancouver 14 years ago and has been working as an animator in the film and television industry. He opened this, his first restaurant, because he got tired of working a desk job, and because he wanted to create a place that serves the kind of Thai food he makes at home—simple, authentic, everyday dishes. Bob’s menu is fairly standard for Thai cuisine in Vancouver: green curry chicken, Panang beef curry, tom yum soup, pad Thai, fried rice, and chicken with cashews…etc Prices are reasonable, with main dishes in the $7.50 to $10 range. Lunch sets are $7.50.

If you like Asian food, this place is a MUST go! Put it on your to-do list😊



“Bob likes Thai food”というタイレストランに行った事がありますか?バンクーバーにある隠れ家のホームスタイルタイ料理レストランです。

名前がユニークなのでオーナーがBobなのかな?と思う人が沢山なのですが、全然関係ない名前だそうです笑 オーナーのKeattivanichvilyさんはバンコク育ちで14年前にバンクーバーに来ていて、テレビや映画のアニメーターとしても働いています。“Bob likes Thai food”は彼の最初のレストランで、開いた理由は彼が家で作るようなタイ料理をみんなに食べてもらえるようなレストランを作りたっかたのと、デスクワークに飽き飽きしたからだそうです。お値段もとてもリーゾナブルで、メインディッシュは$7.5から$10程で、ランチセットは$7.5です。美味しいのに安い!特にパッタイとカレーは絶対に外れないチョイスです



Happy Friday, guys!


Congratulation, it is finally FRIDAY!! You’ve worked so hard, so get some rest and play hard!

let me introduce our EC member, Naho!

Hi everyone, let me introduce our EC member, Naho!




This lovely woman came to Canada by herself when she was 16. She went to high school in Surrey and graduated high school in North Vancouver. After that, she went back to Tokyo and spent 1 year at Aoyama Gakuin Woman’s College. She got 1st place at a Speech contest as well. Since she likes communicating and interacting with people, she decided to come back to Vancouver to study, “Hospitality Management”. Now, she is working at YVR airport and Enjoy Canada Agency as our social media developer and visa documents assistant.

Naho is a very communicative person and her personality is also very cool! She is a kind, smart and funny person yet super beautiful!

Also, she is great at drawing and dancing, last time, EC’s manager, Akiko and Mariko went to see her show case!

[Dance team, HONEY a’]  @honeydancehbc

To those whom are Naho’s fans and missed that special show, we would like to share with you her sexy dance!
She also, organizes and participates some fun events/seminars at EC.

If you want to know how to improve your English or need assistance with visas and institution applications or are interested in studying, “Hospitality Management”, she is the right person to ask!

Get some counselling from her 🙂



Instagram: @enjoycanada_jp and @naho_x

Happy Thursday to all😘

























Where we should go to see illuminations

Where we should go to see illuminations






  1. Lights of Hope

Date/time: 2017/11/16 – 2018/1/8

Place: St. Paul’s Hospital (1081 Burrard Street, Vancouver)

Price: Free

St. Paul’s Hospital が毎年行うイルミネーション。病院に寄付をした人々や企業への御礼と感謝の意を表すためのキャンペーンです。電話やオンラインなどで募金ができます。

点灯日(Lights of Hope display)は周辺に屋台が並び、花火も打ち上げられます。


  1. Glow Christmas


Date/time: 2017/11/22 – 12/29, 4:00pm – 10:00pm

Place: Milner Village Garden Centre (6690 216 Street Langley)

Price: $19.99 – $59.99




  1. Canyon Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge

Date/time: 2017/11/23- 2018/1/28, 11:00am – 9:00pm (CLOSED on 12/25)

Place: 3735 Capilano Road, North Vancouver, BC

Price: Adult $42.95


Capilano Suspension Bridge 毎年恒例のライトアップ・イベント。Suspension Bridge、Tree Tops Adventure、Cliff Walk も公園内全てがライトアップされます。バンドの演奏や子供用のアトラクションなどもあるので誰もが楽しめます。

Let me introduce our new member!

Let me introduce our new member!


Meet our new member, Ana Carolina, from the southeast part of Brazil, from the city named Sao Paulo. She moved to Vancouver early of 2016 to get a post-degree diploma in International Business. She has lived in the United States and the United Kingdom before, and now she is living in Vancouver. She loves to travel, practice sports and have an outdoor lifestyle. Her passions are her daughter, her dog and Mickey Mouse! She went to Disney World MORE than 15 times.


Enjoy Canadaに新しいメンバーが加入しました!



If you see her in the office, please say hi😊


2018 Halloween Party at Enjoy Canada

2018  Halloween Party at Enjoy Canada

Are you ready enjoy Halloween in Vancouver!?


When: Oct 27, 2017

Time 18:00

Price :$10(Food and drink)

*This ticket includes; food, one drink and unforgettable memories 🙂

Place: Enjoy Canada  2nd Floor 614 West Pender( Next to Burger King )

 Costume competition

We are having fun games, music and a Halloween costume competition!

The Enjoy Canada family will choose the person with the best costume, and you might get amazing present …! Come for the food , drinks, fun games, and many opportunities to make new friends too!

Please contact Mariko for the Halloween Party!


日時 10月27日 18:00~
場所 EnjoyCanada
参加費 $10(フード、ドリンク、込み!)


party 2015













Are you a Canadian wannabe?


Are you a Canadian wannabe?




When you have been using English for a long period of time, you often use English unconsciously while speaking your own language.

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Where is the good place to eat vegan and gluten free food?

  1. Meet in Gastown


Located in the middle of Gastown, and all menu items are vegan and gluten free. Meetはガスタウンのど真ん中に位置しており、全てのメニューがグルテンフリーやベジタリアン用のメニューになっています。


Location: 12 Water Street (the inner courtyard)

Phone: 604-688-3399

Regular Hours:

Sun – Thurs   11 AM to 11 PM

Fri, Sat   11 AM to 12 AM


  1. Virtuous pie


Virtuous Pie is all about creating food that tastes great, is good for your body and supports a healthy planet.

The mission is to accelerate the adoption of a plant-based diet by providing delicious, affordable, and fast plant-based food options in an inclusive environment. We’re out to create positive change in the world—one slice (or scoop) at a time.

They craft much of what they serve in-house, including our exclusive nut cheeses, dough, and creamy plant-based ice cream.


地球にやさしく、身体によい美味しい食事を作るVirtuous Pie。「fast plant-based food」がテーマなお店です。チャイナタウンにあり、シンプルでおしゃれな店内です。濃厚なPlant-basedのアイスクリーム・ピザの生地・ナッツチーズなど、お店で手作りで作っています。

Location: 583 Main Street,Vancouver BC

Phone: 604 620 0060

Eat well and feel good about what you eat

Fright Nights in Vancouver!!

Fright Nights


Location:Fright Nights is located at the Playland Entrance at East Hastings and Windermere St.

Are you ready for Halloween?

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【Chinatown movie】Do you miss watching Ghibli movies?

【Chinatown movie】Do you miss watching Ghibli movies?




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