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Escola de inglês no Canadá: qual é a melhor para mim? (parte 2)

Em continuidade à nossa série sobre escolas de inglês no Canadá, neste post você conhece mais 3 instituições disponíveis. Nossos consultores conhecem dezenas de escolas de perto por meio de visitas técnicas nas unidades e feedbacks dos próprios alunos. Confira mais informações que podem ajudar na sua escolha.

Escola de inglês no Canadá – Vancouver

Vancouver International College (VIC)

escolas de inglês no Canadá

Principais cursos oferecidos: General English, intensivo de conversação e listenning, inglês voltado para a área médica, preparativos para a entrada em universidades e IELTS.

Perfil ideal do aluno: de 18 a 22 anos, além de crianças de 5 a 13 anos.

Nível mínimo de inglês necessário: básico

Destaques: Na sala de aula, as cadeiras são posicionadas em círculo e o professor dá aula no meio dos estudantes, tornando o contato mais próximo. A escola oferece estrutura completa para ensino de inglês para crianças de 5 a 13 anos. O campus fica ao lado do dos adultos e é totalmente adaptado para a criançada.

Localização: Vancouver.

Canadian Second Language Institute (CSLI)

escolas de inglês no Canadá

Principais cursos oferecidos: General English, Business English, preparativo para mercado de trabalho, intensivo para a entrada em universidades, IELTS, TOEFL, aulas para idosos e aulas privadas.

Perfil ideal do aluno: todas as idades

Nível mínimo de inglês necessário: básico

Destaques: oferece curso voltado para mercado de trabalho, o Job Readiness, no qual o aluno aprende como fazer resume, cover letter canadense e se prepara paras as entrevistas e apresentações na hora de procurar um emprego. Conta com atividades extra-curriculares diversas com custos já inclusos na mensalidade. Além disso, os melhores alunos de cada mês ganham períodos de aula grátis!

Localização: Vancouver.


escolas de inglês no Canadá

Principais cursos oferecidos: General English, preparativos para a entrada em universidades, IELTS e Cambridge.

Perfil ideal do aluno: de 18 a 22 anos

Nível mínimo de inglês necessário: intermediário

Destaques: escola de pequeno porte, na baixa temporada chega a ter uma média de 35 alunos no total. Você estuda com pequenos grupos e tem mais chance de ter acompanhamento de perto pelo professor. O campus de Vancouver tem localização excelente, no coração de Gastown.

Localização: diversas cidades do Canadá, USA e Europa

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Consultoria educacional gratuita

Lembramos que a Enjoy Canada oferece consultoria educacional gratuita. Você pode conversar com nossa equipe e receber mais dicas de onde estudar no Canadá, receber orçamentos e ter sua matrícula e todo processo burocrático realizado sem nenhum custo adicional ao já praticado pela escola. Clique aqui para conhecer nosso Facebook para brasileiros e começar o seu atendimento.

Let me introduce our Enjoy Canada family!vol3

Let me introduce our Enjoy Canada family!


Hello!  My name is Ignacio Guzman, I was born in Mexico and lived in Argentina, US and Canada throughout all my life.

Since I was very young I fell in love with filmmaking, and at age 16 I started a small business that eventually made me an


Ever since, I have been working on and learning about entrepreneurship, creativity, marketing, and other very cool stuff like bodybuilding and nutrition.

I love being friendly and helping others to achieve great things.

I also enjoy talking about anything that can be learned. My friends and I really like spending time outside, in the GYM,

working or partying. Feel free to talk to me if you want. Who knows, this might be the beginning of an incredible friendship.
















Where we should go to see illuminations

Where we should go to see illuminations






  1. Lights of Hope

Date/time: 2017/11/16 – 2018/1/8

Place: St. Paul’s Hospital (1081 Burrard Street, Vancouver)

Price: Free

St. Paul’s Hospital が毎年行うイルミネーション。病院に寄付をした人々や企業への御礼と感謝の意を表すためのキャンペーンです。電話やオンラインなどで募金ができます。

点灯日(Lights of Hope display)は周辺に屋台が並び、花火も打ち上げられます。


  1. Glow Christmas


Date/time: 2017/11/22 – 12/29, 4:00pm – 10:00pm

Place: Milner Village Garden Centre (6690 216 Street Langley)

Price: $19.99 – $59.99




  1. Canyon Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge

Date/time: 2017/11/23- 2018/1/28, 11:00am – 9:00pm (CLOSED on 12/25)

Place: 3735 Capilano Road, North Vancouver, BC

Price: Adult $42.95


Capilano Suspension Bridge 毎年恒例のライトアップ・イベント。Suspension Bridge、Tree Tops Adventure、Cliff Walk も公園内全てがライトアップされます。バンドの演奏や子供用のアトラクションなどもあるので誰もが楽しめます。

Go ice skating!

Go ice skating!


ice skate

  1. Robson Square

Open December 1, 2017 until the end of February 2018.

This winter, renew a classic Vancouver tradition and enjoy some old-fashioned fun. Robson Square’s outdoor skating rink is open, so celebrate winter in style with free skating in the heart of downtown Vancouver. It’s a magical place to enjoy the holidays with your friends, family and loved ones.

Hours of Operation:

  • SUNDAY to THURSDAY: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
  • FRIDAY and SATURDAY: 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM

*Skate rental ends 30 mins prior to close

*Cash only





2, Kitsilano Ice Rink

Place: The Kitsilano Community Centre (2690 Larch St, Vancouver, BC)

Call: 604-257-6976

*Including a dance studio, fitness centre, ice rink, gym, seniors lounge, teen/youth centre, and playground


Kitsilano Rink – located near West Broadway and Macdonald St – is part of the Kitsilano War Memorial Community Centre. The ice rink is open from September to March with skating programs and skate lessons for all ages and abilities. You can rent skates during public skate and lesson times. From April to August, they remove the ice for dry-floor activities such as ball hockey, in-line hockey, trade shows, and special events



How to Get A Library Card

How to Get A Library Card









If you are living in Vancouver, don’t miss the opportunity to get a Vancouver Library Card. Registering in the library can allow you to borrow books and DVD movies as well as to participate in free activities in more than 20 public libraries around the city. What a great deal!


English as a Second Language (ESL) students just need a few documents to get the library card.


②Post dated cheque

You should get a current postmark (dated and no more than one month old) to present in the library. If you are living in a homestay or if you don’t have a postmark with your name and address, you should take a letter from the owner of the place that you are living in.


You need more than 6 months of visa to make your library card for free. Another option would be to have a visitor card, which will cost you $28.








Hundreds of thousands of endless possibilities in Canada

Vancouver International College
We know choosing where to study, when there are so many choices available, can be very confusing!
That’s why we at Enjoy Canada are trying to differentiate every school regarding their strongest
assets and what makes them unique, so you can make an informed decision that goes along with
your needs and goals. So read along!
This time we will be talking about Vancouver International College, mostly simply known as VIC. VIC
is an ESL (English as a Second Language) school with a great range of different courses depending
on your own schedule and your age!
Many schools are dedicated to students of a certain age range or level, but VIC has courses for actual
beginners with zero English knowledge and up, and also for children and complete families! In
addition to that they also have courses in the afternoons, in case you have other obligations to attend,
so you have free time in the mornings and English in the afternoons.
If you are interested or need more information, do not hesitate to contact me at in English or Spanish!
 General ESL (mornings)
 Intensive Speaking & Listening (mornings)
 University Pathway (mornings)
 English for children & families (mornings and afternoons)
 Specialized courses: Business English, Medical English, Speaking Clinic, Communication
arts, Real Canadian pronunciation, or Writing (afternoons)
 Test preparation: IETLS or TOEIC (afternoons)
What makes them unique?
 Wide variety of afternoon programs, so you can arrange your day and other obligations in the
most convenient way for you!
 Free electives courses for VIC Students! Complement your studies with an array of topics,
like Movie & TV, Survival English, Wonder Words, among others.

Your vision Your future in Canada

VanWest College
VanWest College is a private Canadian college that has a wide variety of English as a Second
Language programs, as well as career training programs, many with options of having full time paid
working experience while completing the certificate or diploma.
VanWest College has two campuses in Canada, one in Vancouver and one in Kelowna. The campus
in Vancouver is located in Downtown, really close to tourist attractions and very well connected via
public transportation and very convenient for international students new to the city. The Kelowna campus
is at walking distance from the Okanagan Lake, the heart of the beautiful Okanagan Valley.
With these two campuses, students can choose between the multicultural and diverse city of
Vancouver and the city of Kelowna, a great mix of urban and rural. The campus in Kelowna is great
for improving dramatically your English level as most of the population only speaks English. You also
have the option of starting in one campus and then transferring to the other, so you can have both
VanWest College also has great partnerships with recognized colleges and universities in Canada
and United States so you can start with VanWest College and then continue with your undergraduate
program with universities in Texas and Washington State in United States, or in Ontario and
Saskatchewan in Canada.
ESL programs
 General English
 English for Academic Purposes
 English for Exam Preparation (IELTS, Cambridge Advanced English)
 English for Business and Workplace (BULATS)
 University & College Pathways
 Customized courses (English for Families, English for Youth Group, etc.)
 Commerce & Marketing Co-op Diploma
 Business Management Co-op Diploma
 Cross-Cultural Business Communication Certificate or Diploma
 Professional Customer Service Co-op Certificate
What makes them unique?
 VanWest College is the only official BULATS test provider in Canada
 They have campuses in Vancouver and Kelowna
 On campus co-op coordinator that guarantees paid co-ops for all the students
 Partners with recognized colleges and universities in Canada and United States
More information
200-1060 Nelson St
Vancouver, BC V6E 1H8

Try Skim boarding!

Try Skim boarding!

What exactly is Skim boarding?

Skim boarding has become an increasingly popular activity among beachgoers, water

and sports enthusiasts. Developed during the 1920s by lifeguards in Laguna Beach,

California, this sports can be performed in either a flatland or wave style. The former is done

on Inland water bodies, whereas the latter is done at the beach. While similar to surfing, skim boarders start off by running. They toss the board onto the water and skim across shallow portions of water.


Where you can skim board:

 Spanish Banks

 Jericho Beach

 Wreck Beach

 Third Beach in Stanley park

If you are going to try skim boarding you must check the tide before heading out. The tide needs to be out so that you have a flat surface to “skim” across. British-Columbia/tides/latest

Where you can buy a skim board?

Pacific border

CCEL a very unique ESL school in Vancouver.

Happy July!
Summer is here and no better time to introduce: CCEL a very unique ESL school in Vancouver.

Why is CCEL amazing?


1   SMRT Curriculum

Students use laptops during class.

SMRT curriculum prepares students to excel in all areas of English.
Instructions and classroom activities apply the use of the Internet as a powerful learning tool and communication medium,
drawing from such resources as YouTube, TED, and Wikipedia.

2  Working Holiday Program

This program is suited for students looking for a job after graduating from CCEL.

Students can learn Business English, Hospitality English and how to build their resume.

After completing the program, students are ready for the workplace!
3  Student dormitories

CCEL has Student dormitory.

The dormitories are located in downtown Vancouver, next to world famous Stanley Park

and is on trendy Robson Street.

Good thing is a Free lunch is served at eh! restaurant from Monday to Friday if you pre-pay for 3+ months!!!


4 E learning

CCEL provides ‘’E Lerning service’’ to the students can study English broad cast after class!

If you want to know more details please contact Mariko



Welcome to your world, welcome to iTTTi Vancouver!!

At iTTTi Vancouver our philosophy is that each student is an individual and has their own dreams, goals and hopes!


iTTTi is a unique English school that specializes in English fluency. The programs are designed to effectively help students improve their English fluency especially for those students who are staying for a short period of time. iTTTi is an excellent option to improve on communication and speaking skills.

What’s new?

12 week program: pay for 11 weeks get 1 week free.

16 week program: pay for 14 weeks get 2 week free.

24 week program: pay for 21 weeks get 3 week free.

28 week program: pay for 24 weeks get 4 week free.

33 week program: pay for 28 weeks get 5 week free.

48 week program: pay for 42 weeks get 6 week free.


Key points


  • 5 Courses dedicated to English fluency


  • Partnerships with Sprott Shaw and Brighton college for further learning


  • IELTS / FCE / TOEFL preparation




  • Speaking Clinic

  • Speaking Master

  • Interview Master

  • International Business English

  • Hospitality

  • English for engineers

  • Marketing


  • Pathways


School overview

Home page


605 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5J3

Telephone number

(604) 681-5550