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Go ice skating!

Go ice skating!


ice skate

  1. Robson Square

Open December 1, 2017 until the end of February 2018.

This winter, renew a classic Vancouver tradition and enjoy some old-fashioned fun. Robson Square’s outdoor skating rink is open, so celebrate winter in style with free skating in the heart of downtown Vancouver. It’s a magical place to enjoy the holidays with your friends, family and loved ones.

Hours of Operation:

  • SUNDAY to THURSDAY: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
  • FRIDAY and SATURDAY: 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM

*Skate rental ends 30 mins prior to close

*Cash only





2, Kitsilano Ice Rink

Place: The Kitsilano Community Centre (2690 Larch St, Vancouver, BC)

Call: 604-257-6976

*Including a dance studio, fitness centre, ice rink, gym, seniors lounge, teen/youth centre, and playground


Kitsilano Rink – located near West Broadway and Macdonald St – is part of the Kitsilano War Memorial Community Centre. The ice rink is open from September to March with skating programs and skate lessons for all ages and abilities. You can rent skates during public skate and lesson times. From April to August, they remove the ice for dry-floor activities such as ball hockey, in-line hockey, trade shows, and special events



Which beaches should I go?

Which beaches should I go?

1, English Bay Beach


English Bay Beach, also called First Beach, located along Beach Ave between Gilford St and Bidwell St, is the most populated beach area in Vancouver’s downtown area. The Stanley Park Seawall, a popular running and biking route, runs along the east side of the beach.







2, Kitsilano Beach


Kitsilano Beach, known as “Kits” Beach, is located on Cornwall Ave at the north end of Yew St. The Seawall runs along side the beach and Kitsilano Pool is at the west side.

Kits is family friendly, too, and great for swimmers: the waves are calm, and the beach’s park includes the awesome Kits Pool, the longest outdoor pool in Canada.




3, Ambleside Beach


Ambleside Park offers a variety of different activities for people of all ages. There is a seaside walk that offers beautiful views, and it’s dog-friendly. The park also has a children’s section and area to have picnics. And if you’re feeling a little hungry there are some wonderful dining choices.

ウエストバンクーバーにあるビーチ、Amblesideビーチ! English BayやKitsilanoに比べて、人が少なくそんなに混んでいないので、静かにゆったりしたい方におすすめです。

Try Skim boarding!

Try Skim boarding!

What exactly is Skim boarding?

Skim boarding has become an increasingly popular activity among beachgoers, water

and sports enthusiasts. Developed during the 1920s by lifeguards in Laguna Beach,

California, this sports can be performed in either a flatland or wave style. The former is done

on Inland water bodies, whereas the latter is done at the beach. While similar to surfing, skim boarders start off by running. They toss the board onto the water and skim across shallow portions of water.


Where you can skim board:

 Spanish Banks

 Jericho Beach

 Wreck Beach

 Third Beach in Stanley park

If you are going to try skim boarding you must check the tide before heading out. The tide needs to be out so that you have a flat surface to “skim” across. British-Columbia/tides/latest

Where you can buy a skim board?

Pacific border

7 types of girls in Vancouver.Have you met these girls?

7 types of girls in Vancouver.


Have you ever watched this video?


This video shows the 7 types of girls you can find in Vancouver.

I am going to explain it to you so that you will feel familiar with 4 types of girls in Vancouver!

1. Kitsilano girl


Girls who are highly conscious.

  • They go to yoga class

  • They tend to be vegetarian or vegan

  • They prefer to eat organic food


Yale town girl


They have…

  • Coach bag

  • Small cute dog ( like chihuahuas)

  • Expensive car


Commercial girl


Stereotypical girl on Commercial

  • They are wearing used clothes or vintage clothes.

  • They have a skateboard


Stereotypical girl 2 on Commercial

  • They are carrying Apple Mac books

  • They have a single lens reflex camera

Have you met these girls? Do you think this list is true or do you have your own ideas of the types of girls you can find in these areas? Add it in the comments below.

Are you looking for unique activities to do?

Are you looking for unique activities to do?

How about yoga outside?


FREE outdoor yoga

Place: Kits Beach

When: Monday to Friday until Aug 31 2016

Time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 7 – 8pm.

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 – 10am.

Where: Kitsilano Beach Park (by the outdoor pool and across from Local Restaurant)
Cost: Free!


Let’s try out yoga this summer!

Why is yoga good for you?

Here are some reasons why yoga is good for you.


1. Lowers stress and improves your mood.

Let go of the things that stress you and calm yourself.

A lot of beginner poses allows you to stretch and is therapeutic.


2. Lowers the risk of injury.

Exercises such as running is forceful movements which means that muscle effort is at it’s maximum and there is a high risk injury.


3. Helps you lose weight.


You may have seen people trying yoga poses before and thought, “That’s pretty basic and easy”. There are actually differing levels of intensity through different poses. When you get into the advance poses, yoga can actually turn into a pretty intense workout, especially your core.

Do you have plans to host a BBQ party?

Hey Everyone, summer is coming !

Do you have plans to host a BBQ party?

If you don’t have space in your house, or yard to have BBQ,

Then you better to have one outdoors!

But where can you have BBQ in Vancouver ?


Here’s a couple of suggestions

1 English Bay. It’s right on the sea, and close to downtown!

English Bay is on the west side of downtown Vancouver, just walk west on Robson Street until you come to Denman, and your there!

2 Kits beach in Kitsilano


How do I get there?

You can take a bus 22

Just cross the Granville street bridge, and head west on 4th avenue a couple blocks,

You can’t miss it!


3 Central park Burnaby

How do I get there? Take the sky train to Patterson station. It’s just a 5 minute walk!


Walk around Kitslano area 4th avenue


Kitslano is famous as a fashionable place.

There are many café, restaurant and market.

Its good place to walk around, you will find your favorite place in Kitslano!


Here is the list you should visit

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Ice cream in the winter time ;)

We love ice cream all year round and I am sure we are not the only ones.

The reasons to eat ice cream in the winter You don’t need a reason !

 Ice cream gives you warm fuzzy feelings. So who says it’s only for Summer?

Some people actually prefer ice cream in the winter !

Here is the list ! Popular ice cream spot in Vancouver 😉


1 Earnest ice cream







Delicious $5 single scoop.  Flavoured were unique and delicious.  They had London fog, whiskey, salted caramel…

London fog was like a tea flavour and had a sweet taste.


London fog is the most popular in the Earnest ice cream .

Address: 3992 Fraser St


2 Rain or Shine

rain or shine




rain or shine 1


Rain or Shine ice cream has the prettiest hipster decor ever.

Homemade ice cream in Vancouver  using local, natural and fresh ingredients!

Address: 1926 W 4th Ave



3 La casa gelate

la casa

Come on in and try a few of our 218 flavours, and then make your decision.

They have a unique flavour which is Guinness flavour !

la casa 1



Address: 1033 Venables St


Ice cream is actually rich in essential nutrients.

In fact, this frozen dessert is loaded with vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D and E !


Vancouver downtown destination



Here is about Downtown  destination information.

Why don’t you go out outside ! Be more active, blow this cold off away!

I am going to introduce  these are place.


1 Stanly park : Bring your bike, skate, you can make a round  stanly park, it will take 45~60minites.

2 Robson street : There are many cloth shop, restaurant , Cafe…

3 Kitslano This is famous spot as a Fashionable place.  I am recommending SOPHIE’S cosmic cafe
unnamed (1)









4 Deep cove  You can enjoy hiking here, after hiking you should visit this cafe and eat honey dounuts   us


photo 2 (5)