☆Is anyone interested in organic foods!?!? For people who are interested in eating Organic !!!

☆健康志向の方必見! オーガニックフードなどの健康志向の方へ!

Are you interested in Organic food?

There so many people who prefer or care about ORGANIC items in Canada.

That is also the reason why there are many organic markets called Farmer’s market especially on the weekends around here. Let me introduce when they will be held.

This organic market called, Pro Organics will be only held on weekdays in Burnaby. It takes only 20 mins by car from downtown.



ここは’Pro Organics’と呼ばれるバーナービーのオーガニックスーパーマーケットです。平日だけ開催されていて倉庫で開かれています!


Pro Organics

Address:4535 Still Creek Ave, Burnaby, BC V5C 5W1, Canada

Hours:Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00



They sell various items even for dogs…

We never know what kind of items they will have on sale, which may be near their expiry date. Basically they sell, fruits, vegetables, snacks, nuts, drinks, yogurt and so much more. It depends on the day!!!

Since these big markets are only held on the weekends, we should remember that we have organic foods at regular markets as well as at Whole Foods!


そしてドックフードが売られていたり賞味期限が近いので値段も下がっていたりします!!ここは平日しかやっていませんがwhole market などの普通のスーパーにもオーガニックコーナーがたくさんあります!


Also March 2nd there will be these organic farmers markets.

Saturday,March 2,2019

Stadium at 4601 Ontario Street from 10am until 2pm.

in the 600 block of Belmont Street from 11am until 3 pm.