【How do you make a phone call to overseers?】

To call from Vancouver to another country, you want to dial an international phone number formatted like this:

CanadaIDD: 011 / Country code: ccc / Area code: aaa / Local number: nnn nnnn



Format above is notional in that all codes (except Canada IDD) may vary in length. For instance, country codes can be 1-digit, 2-digits, or 3-digits long – e.g., +1 for USA / Canada, +44 for UK, +971 for UAE / Dubai. Smaller countries may not use area codes. Check to verify particulars before dialing

Here is a country codes and approximate phone number formats for dialing to selected countries from Vancouver.

Japan: +81 011 81 aaa nnn nnnn


If you want to call Japan from Canada you can do it in three easy steps. Before making any calls please make sure you check the calling rate to Japan from your operator. Here is what you have to know to make a call to Japan.


Step 1: Exit code – 011. Your international phone number should start with Canada exit code.

Step 2: Country code – 81.

Step 3: Area code and number – 81 43 xxxx xxxx.


FOR EXAMPLE: 011 81 43 xxxx xxxx. A correctly dialled Japan city phone number will ensure your call will end up to the correct destination.

There are a variety of ways to call Japan from Canada: use your landline or mobile phone, or pick up an international calling card from your local convenience store. You can also check out online long distance providers to see what deals are available. Whatever method you choose, ensure that you dial the correct international phone number to avoid extra long distance charges.











【カナダから日本】 011 – 81 – 3 -1234-5678




【日本からカナダ】 010 – 1 – 1234667890 です。