2016 Honda celebration of lights

When mentioning summer in Vancouver, you can’t leave out fireworks!

You simply cannot miss one of the most famous fireworks competition of the year!

Here is this year’s schedule and list of competitors:

July 23 France

July 27 Australia

July 30 Presented by Walt Disney!


The competition begins promptly over English Bay at 10pm


Where are the spots that you can watch the fireworks from?

  1. English Bay


Be aware: English bay is the most popular spot so you need to go early and save a spot! Go with friends and bring everything that you need, radio (to tune into the broadcast for the fireworks soundtrack), beach towels, blanket, water, food, sun screen, and warm clothes! Take turns going to the washroom so that your spot isn’t taken by one of the 100,000+ other spectators (Some people come all the way from America to watch!)


  1. Vanier Parvanier-park

It is another spot with a close up view of the fireworks.

Be aware: Vanier Park’s road access will be limited, so take transit.


  1. Kits BeachKitsilano

Like Vanier Park, this spot is on the opposite side of English Bay. Both locations are on an angle from the fireworks barge so you won’t get the true artist interpretation of the firework’s teams but both are still great spots!


  1. Condos, helicopters and or boats.

Should you be lucky enough to have friends who own a boat or helicopter, you can get some of the best spots in Vancouver! Right on the water or flying high above the fireworks. And you never know, you may know someone who has a clear view of the beach from their place!


As always, please remember that all the areas are where people live so remember to respect your surroundings, pick up your garbage after you’re done and enjoy!

Also, this is a family event! Remember that there are children around! Be peaceful, and let everyone around you enjoy the fireworks.