Did you know that Vancouver is a beer paradise? You can find national beer brands such as Molson Canadian, but Vancouver is now the mecca of craft beer.

こだわりを持って、特に少量生産で個性あふれるビールで我々を楽しませてくれる醸造所 (Brewery)が街中にいくつも点在しています。


Here, you can find many small batch breweries with brewers, who have great passion, who serve very unique beers.

Itis also great fun to find limited brews depending on the year or season.


Today we would like to introduce 3 breweries in town.

まずはENJOY CANADAから徒歩たったの300メートル、ウォーターフロント駅横のSteamworksをご紹介します。

The first one is Steamworkswhich is only 300 metres away from our ENJOY CANADA office. http://steamworks.com/brew-pub

3 Recommendations of Canadian craft beer!!

(Photo by Yusuke Noda)



It’sgreattohavesomefreshbeerbythewindowonthefirstfloorwhilegazingat North Vancouver, but we recommend the downstairs eatings.

Youcanenjoythefreshestpintofbeerwhilebeerisbeingbrewed in the fermentation tanks just by your side

次にお勧めするのはYellow Dog Brewingです。

The next one is Yellow Dog Brewing. http://www.yellowdogbrew.com/


It is located in a town called Port Moody. You can take the Expo Line from downtown and then transfer to the Millennium Line at Commercial-Broadway. It takes you to Moody Centre, and you can walk about 10 minutes to Yellow Dog. I know it is far from Vancouver, but it is worth going to enjoy amazing beer. (If going in the evening on weekdays, you can take the West Coast Express, which only takes25 minutes to Port Moody Station.)

3 Recommendations of Canadian craft beer!!

(Photo by Yusuke Noda)


Another reason to recommend this faraway brewery is that the view of Burrard Inlet is absolutely awesome. Port Moody is the edge of the sea that you are watching at Waterfront downtown.

最後に、2010年オリンピックの時に選手村だった、オリンピック・ビレッジ地区。昔は汚い倉庫街だったのが、見違えるほど綺麗になりました。この地区はかなりたくさんの醸造所が点在しており、ふと思いつくだけでも33 Acres、Faculty、Brassneck、Main Street、Big Rock、R&Bなどたくさんあり、ひとつだけを選ぶのはとても難しいのですが、その中からRed Truck Beer Company https://redtruckbeer.com/ をご紹介します。その名の通り、駐車場に停まっている赤いトラックがシンボルマークです。

The last one is in the Olympic Village area. I remember this area had dirty warehouses, but this neighbourhood had been completely rebuilt for the2010 Olympic Games. This area has a lot of microbreweries. I can instantly think of 33 Acres, Faculty, Brassneck, Main Street, Big Rock, andR&B. It is a tough decision to choose from, but I would like to introduce the Red Truck Beer Company. As its name shows, real red trucks at their parking lot are their symbol.


You will definitely find your favourite one from their large selections of beer.

オリンピック・ビレッジは、醸造所もたくさんあるのですが、パブと酒屋にも恵まれた地区で、特にCraft Beer Marketというパブは、醸造所ではないのですが、常時100種類以上の生ビールが楽しめることで有名です。さらにLegacy Liquor Storeという酒屋も、間違いなくバンクーバーで一番のこだわりの品揃え。一度に色々パブをハシゴしたい! という方には、このオリンピック・ビレッジが圧倒的におすすめです。

全然紹介しきれないので、ENJOY CANADAのオフィスに立ち寄った際には、ぜひYusukeまで。美味しいビールが飲める場所をもっと紹介します。