3 things to do when you want to refresh yourself.
If you want to refresh your mood
I would highly recommend the 3 activities below.
Now, Vancouver is having it’s rainy season
I know it makes us feel depressed.
Reset your health and wellness, stay active! It is easy for us to stay home and watch Netflix for hours on end. Get out and enjoy the sun when it comes out!
When people feel stressed they tend to excessively drink and eat which is not
good for your health. By doing exercises, you will reduce your stress and will be healthy.
Eat well. Make sure to include vegetables and try to create a healthy diet.
Meet your friends and be social. Being among friends will help you keep your mood up!
Create a perfect Christmas.
Now almost every store has discounts or sales for Christmas, so why don’t you go Christmas shopping
Come home to clean your place
Before the coming new year, clear out and throw away the things you don’t need like clothes etc…