7 types of girls in Vancouver.


Have you ever watched this video?


This video shows the 7 types of girls you can find in Vancouver.

I am going to explain it to you so that you will feel familiar with 4 types of girls in Vancouver!

1. Kitsilano girl


Girls who are highly conscious.

  • They go to yoga class

  • They tend to be vegetarian or vegan

  • They prefer to eat organic food


Yale town girl


They have…

  • Coach bag

  • Small cute dog ( like chihuahuas)

  • Expensive car


Commercial girl


Stereotypical girl on Commercial

  • They are wearing used clothes or vintage clothes.

  • They have a skateboard


Stereotypical girl 2 on Commercial

  • They are carrying Apple Mac books

  • They have a single lens reflex camera

Have you met these girls? Do you think this list is true or do you have your own ideas of the types of girls you can find in these areas? Add it in the comments below.