When studying abroad, I think there is time when most will miss Japan.

What do you do in such cases? I think that there are various things such as calling with friends or watching Japanese TV. However, I think that there is a time when you would like to eat Japanese food!

This time I will introduce delicious Japanese restaurants in Vancouver.






・Gyo za Bar








I want to eat dumplings! Here is where you eat crisp dumplings, so if you miss Japanese gyoza you want to go without hesitation.


Ramen is also one of the popular items at Gyoza Bar. In North America there are many shops serving tonkotsu ramen. It is hard for our stomach to eat all the time. But, there are soy sauce based ramen which is not heavy. Both lunch and dinner, the restaurant is always full, so when you go, I recommend taking your time to enter the restaurant.




ラーメンもGyoza Barの人気メニューのひとつで、ヘルシー志向のカナディアンたちから熱い支持を受けています。豚骨ラーメンが多い北米では珍しく、醤油ラーメンなど、胃もたれしないラーメンがあります。ランチとディナー共にいつも満席なので、行かれる際は時間に余裕を持って行くことをオススメします


Address: 622 West Pender Street,Vancouver


・Japanese Restaurant Shiro









Shiro is not well known to international students and those who come to Canada on a working holiday visa. However, it is restaurant in a well-known place where locals and long-term residents know!

You can eat typical Japanese food. The freshness of the sashimi is very good, and the thickness is also cut with exquisite thickness, so it makes me happy.





Address: 3096 Cambie St,Vancouver


・Suika Snackbar







At West Broadway, Suika Snackbar is a popular restaurant.

No matter what Suika’s dish you order, you can be satisfied with the meal! Because there are plenty of kinds of sake and cocktails, it is perfect for enjoying while drinking!


West Broadwayにある、行列ができるほどの人気店「Suika Snackbar」。


Address: 1626 W Broadway,Vancouver