A tiny surprise for Japanese in Vancouver

日本人興奮ポイントin Vancouver 「はっ!リスリスっ!」

Usually, we introduce some events or tips in this blog, but today I will write an easy short story. So please relax and look over this article easily, which is about wild animals near us in Vancouver:)


A month has passed since I came to Vancouver. The first time I met him was in Queen Elizabeth Park. I remember I was so excited, I fully opened my eyes and said “I…Is that a squirrel!?” When I found a small black animal running like a wave of sea on the beautiful green grass field. Yes, there are squirrels in our daily lives in Vancouver! You can find them in big parks of course, even as they are chasing each other, hope they do not fight, but also they are in small gardens of houses in downtown! For me, growing up in a very residential area in Tokyo, it was an experience, which made me feel that I started living in a city that has a lot of nature.

Besides, I knew we could see seals in Coal Harbour in summer! They come close to some boats of fishermen to get some pieces of fish! Fortunately, I could see one of them during winter! It is exciting whenever we find wild animals, isn’t it? I really look forward to seeing more seals in the summer!

バンクーバーに来て1ヶ月。最初に見かけたのは確かQueen Elizabeth Parkでした。黒い小さな生きものが緑の草むらをほよんほよんと軽快に横切り、「あれは…ま、まさかっ!リスゥッ?!」と瞳孔を全開にしたのをよく覚えています。そうです、バンクーバーには当たり前にリスがいるんです!!大きな公園に行けば必ず見つけられて、リス同士が追いかけあったりしています。(喧嘩じゃないといいんですが…)しかもダウンタウンの住宅街の庭にもいるので、都下の住宅街で育った私にとっては自然の豊かさを感じた出来事でした。

さらに最近知ったのですが、夏にCoal Harbour でアザラシが見られるということ!漁師さんが採ってきた魚をその場で捌いたときに出るおこぼれをもらいに、アザラシがたくさんやってくるんだそうです。冬はあまり見かけられないそうなんですが、幸運にも元旦に一匹だけ見かけることができました;)遠目でも動物を見つけるとわくわくしますね!

It may not be such a special thing for people who have been living in Vancouver, but it can be one of many exciting experiences for people who have just arrived in Vancouver.

And lastly, let me remind you an important thing. PLEASE DO NOT FEED them, even though you would like to be closer or touch them. Some of them are already too familiar with the human race, but please keep a distance from them. It is a tip to live with them from now on!