It’s so instagrammable!Abbotsford Tulip Festival

インスタ映えすぎて困る!Abbotsford Tulip Festival

About 1 hour by car from Vancouver! It’s an ideal sightseeing spot for only a short drive.

This tulip festival was made by the Wamedis family, who moved here from the Netherlands in the1950’s, as a family farm made of tulips, daffodils, and peonies. It became an official event from 2016 to bring local people and tourists to the area.

There is an area called the, “U – pick area” where you can pick tulips for 1 dollar each. You can pick out the tulips you like for your friend as a nice spring memory. You can also you can buy a bouquet of ten tulips for $10 at the exit gate.




U-pick area 1本1ドルでチューリップを摘み取れるエリアがあり手土産に好きなチューリップを摘み採れたり、出口でも10本$5チューリップの花束を購入できます。

Enjoy taking pictures of the tulips spreading over the site of 10 acres (40468.6 square meters) and post to share instagenic pictures for everyone.



Address:36737 North Parallel Road Abbotsford,BC V3G 2H5

Date: From April 15th

Hours:Hours: 9am – 7:30pm (weather dependent)


Please note that entry is closed after 7:30 pm

but visitors may stay in the fields until dusk.

It is located approximately 1 hour from the Vancouver area.


Prices:ADULT(13-64) $10($8-$9online) ,CHILDREN(3-12)

Under 3 are free $10($5-$6online),SENIOR(65+) $5($5online)