What are the advantages to working in Vancouver?


  1. It widen yours perspective through being exposed to different values.

You will interact with people from other countries as Vancouver is a very diverse city.

By interacting with other nationalities you will learn the work ethics and values of the rest of the world. You will gain perspective into what they hold important.


  1. Merit system



In Canada, we don’t mind the years of experience or age, even though you are young, if you do well you might be promoted quickly!

However, it’s very competitive.

As an example, in Asian, they very much care about age and the years of experience.


  1. No overtime work


People who do overtime work are assumed to be incompetent.

(People who do overtime work are assumed to be inefficient at their job or unable to delegate work appropriately.)

So people who work in Vancouver finish work at 5pm or 6pm.