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ポットラックとはなんぞや?What is Potluck?

冬が始まりましたね。ご存知の通り、バンクーバーの冬は… とにかく雨が多い!! 夏と違って人々は少し元気がなくなり、室内に籠りがちになります。しかし、そんな冬を乗り切るのにぴったりのアイディアがあります。それは「ポットラック」です!!

Winter has started. As you know, Vancouver’s winter season is rainy. Unlike the summer, people tend to be less energetic and stay inside. However, “potluck” is an amazing idea to survive this season!

ポットラックとはなんぞや?What is Potluck?

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この「ポットラック」という言葉、みなさん聞いたことはありますか? これはゲストがそれぞれ違う食べ物 (だいたい手作り)を持ち寄ってシェアするパーティーです。ポットラックは特に北米で一般的ですが、近年日本でも聞くようになってきました。そんなポットラックが人気な理由は、ホストも含め、低コストでパーティを楽しむことができる点にあります。そして、みんなが料理を持ってくるということは、そう、いろんな種類の料理を楽しむことができるということ。そして、各自が料理を持ってくるので楽で簡単なんです。ちなみに料理は必ずしも手作りでなければいけない訳ではありません。

Have you heard of the word “potluck?” A potluck is a type of gathering where each guest or group contributes a different, often homemade dish of food to be shared. This is very common especially in North America, but actually it is getting common even in Japan. Think about why this style is popular. First of all, each guest and even the host can hold a party at low cost. Then, each will bring different food, so you have an opportunity to enjoy various kinds of dishes. Finally, it is easy! The food does not always need to be hand-made.

ポットラックとはなんぞや?What is Potluck?

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想像してみてください、あなたの様々な国のお友達とポットラックパーティをしたら… 何カ国の食べ物が楽しめるでしょう? きっと、とても多国籍で、お互いの食事や文化について伝え合う良いきっかけにもなりますよね。楽しそうでしょう? ポットラックに参加するとしたら、あなたは何を作りますか?

Imagine if you have a potluck party with your diverse friends… How many kinds of food can you enjoy? This multinational party will be a great opportunity to exchange each country’s food and culture! It sounds exciting, isn’t it? What would you make for your next potluck party?

バンクーバーのアイスホッケー! Go Canucks Go!

Do you know the national sport in Canada? Skiing? Ice skating? Lacrosse (It is the national sport of summer)?

No, the answer is ice hockey!

あなたはカナダの国技をご存知でしょうか? スキー? スケート? ラクロス (これは夏の国技です)?


バンクーバーのアイスホッケー! Go Canucks Go!

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The ice hockey season, from autumn to spring, Canadians goes crazy about it!

Here, in Vancouver, we have one of NHL (National Hockey League) team: Vancouver Canucks.

The team name is the Canucks!


ここバンクーバーにも、NHL (National Hockey League)加盟のチームがあります。その名もバンクーバー・カナックス! カナックというのは、カナダ人という意味の俗語です。

バンクーバーのアイスホッケー! Go Canucks Go!

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Their home arena is Rogers Arena which is located just in front of Chinatown-Stadium Station. From the train window, you might have seen people lining up to enter the arena.

Vancouver Canucks belongs to NHL, and it is very popular among people in Canada.


バンクーバー・カナックスはバンクーバーを本拠地とする NHLのチームで、カナダでは知らない人がいない程の人気です。

This team has a famous and popular mascot too. This character is called Fin. He is a motif of a killer whale. It will appear in various places during the match. Try to talk to him and take pictures with him!


バンクーバーのアイスホッケー! Go Canucks Go!

(Photo from

You can purchase your tickets at Rogers Arena or through the website.

As I mentioned earlier, Canucks tickets are very popular so they can be sold out quickly.

I recommend you purchase tickets as soon as possible!

VanWest College紹介

VanWest College has two campuses in Vancouver, which is a very diverse city, and Kelowna, which is popular as a resort surrounded by lots of nature. If you would like to have amazing experiences while living in some cities in Canada, VanWest College is definitely your school! It’s a college and a language school all in the same campus and many of students in the language school plan to go to the college to learn business skills in order to get a job after their graduation. That means the environment is very strict about learning and students are very serious and motivated. You can improve your English skills efficiently because you can recognize your advantages and weaknesses clearly with a great management system of your learning records.  

VanWest Collegeはバンクーバーとケロウナにキャンパスを持つ学校です。多国籍都市バンクーバーと、大自然を満喫できるリゾート都市ケロウナ。カナダでまったく違う雰囲気の2都市留学を経験したい方におすすめの学校です。また、VanWest Collegeはカレッジと語学学校が併設していて、多くの生徒がカレッジでのビジネスプログラムを経て英語を使った仕事に就くことを目的としています。なので当然「本気の人が集まる厳しい環境」。生徒の成績は細かく管理され、現状の英語力を分析した上で効率よく確実に英語力を上げることができます。

VanWest College紹介

As I mentioned above, one of remarkable points of VanWest College is it’s Kelowna Campus. In Vancouver, VanWest College is the only school that has a campus in Kelowna! I suppose that you are not so familiar with this city, but it is very popular resort city among Canadians. During summer, it is even called Hawaii in Canada! Actually it is good place for international students to learn English because there are less international students / immigrants, and 80% of its residents are Canadian (Caucasian). Therefore, you can have confidence in communicating in English by establishing the basis of your English skills and making diverse friends in Vancouver, and move to Kelowna to go on your learning in a more severe environment. If you are interested in volunteer work, why don’t you take a volunteer course, which is a specific course in the Kelowna campus? 5 hours of volunteer work is included in the course, so you will get plenty of chances to have a conversation with locals. You can also learn some skills to get jobs in Kelowna. As for accommodations, of course you can do home stay and also use the student residences, which were just renovated recently. It will be an amazing experience to live with your international friends in the beautiful convenient accommodations.

VanWest Collegeの一番の特徴はなんと言ってもケロウナキャンパス。たくさんある語学学校の中でもケロウナキャンパスがあるのはanWest Collegeだけなんです!夏場はカナダのハワイと呼ばれ、カナダ人に人気の自然あふれるリゾート地、ケロウナ。住人の80%が白人で留学生や移民も少ないので、実は英語を学ぶのにとても良い環境なんです。例えばまずはバンクーバーで英語力の基礎を固めながら様々な国の友達を作り、自信をつけてからケロウナに転校して、より厳しい英語環境で学習を続ける、なんていうのもいいかもしれませんね。また、ケロウナキャンパスには週に5時間はボランティア活動を行うボランティアコースがあるので、学校の授業の一環として地元のカナダ人とコミュニケーションをとる機会を設けることもできます。さらにボランティアコースでは課外活動だけでなく、レジュメの書き方、面接練習などのケロウナでの仕事の探し方についても学ぶことができます。滞在先はホームステイと、4週間以上なら学生寮も利用できます。ちなみに学生寮は移転・リニューアルしたて(しかも2018年新築!)の学生寮!他の国の友達と安心して暮らせるのも魅力的ですね。


VanWest College紹介

Well, I guess your mind is already in Kelowna, but please come back! VanWest College is perfect for getting business skills for your future career. It has various kinds of courses such as a General English course which you can intensify your English conversation skills through improving not only Speaking and Listening skills, but also Reading and Writing skills, Academic course for Pathway, IELTS course and Business course (BULATS). You will have a progress test every Friday, and you can recognize your advantages and weaknesses clearly based on the result. It can give you efficient advice to improve your English skills quickly.

By the way, do you know, ‘BULATS’? It is an English exam for business by Cambridge. It is not so familiar with Japanese, but actually the number of companies estimated in having BULATS has been increasing recently. So I highly recommend university students or employees who are thinking about changing jobs to get it.   

VanWest College is the only school you can take BULATS in Vancouver, so preparation for BULATS is included in their business course. It is becoming more popular every year because you can train your business skills in English and get an official certificate for proving the skills. If you think that you need working experience in Canada for your future career, you can choose the Business Co-op program in the college. (The school introduces a workplace!)  

もう気持ちはケロウナに移ってしまったかもしれませんが… もちろんVANWEST COLLEGEはケロウナだけではありません!VanWest Collegeには将来仕事に活かせる英語力をつけるための環境が整っているんです。

VanWest CollegeにはSpeaking, Listeningだけでなく、ReadingやWritingも活用して日常会話力を上げていく一般英語コース、進学準備のためのアカデミック英語コース、IELTS試験対策にビジネス英語と、目的に合わせた多彩なコースがそろっています。毎週金曜日のテスト結果を元に週毎の成績を細かく管理し、苦手や得意を自分自身で理解した上で、効率よく学習できるようになっています。

前述の「仕事に活かせる」という点で特に注目したいのが、ビジネス英語コース。みなさんはBULATSという世界的に有名なビジネス英語の検定をご存知ですか? (詳細はこちらこちら)

日本ではまだあまりなじみが無いかもしれませんが、BULATS取得を高評価する企業は確実に増えていて、これから就職活動を控えた学生さんや転職を考えている社会人の方には必須になってくる資格です。実はVanWest CollegeはバンクーバーでBULATSを受験できる唯一の語学学校で、ビジネスコースの内容もBULATSの受験を視野に入れた内容になっているので、実践的な内容を学びながら、それを証明する資格も取れる、今とても人気のコースとなっています。


VanWest College紹介


VanWest College has a very strict environment about learning, but of course you can enjoy leisure activities, graduation trips and school festivals at the same time! If you would like to know about VanWest College, please feel free to contact us!

勉強に関しては厳しめですが、アクティビティや修学旅行、文化祭などのイベントで友達と交流する機会もたくさんあります。勉強とレジャー、両方全力で取り組みたいという方にぴったりの学校です!もっと具体的に話を聞いてみたい、VanWest Collegeが気になる!という方はお気軽にお問合せくださいね。

生徒さんインタビュー くにみさん


生徒さんインタビュー くにみさん


その後も仕事の休みの日や、厳しさはなくゆったり全員で楽しみながらという印象があります。1ヶ月のクラスが終了してからはフルタイムで仕事が始まったので休日にEnjoy Canadaで行われていた、英語のワークショップを受講、マンツーマンのクラスを受講したりなど、英語の勉強は継続してやりました。

生徒さんインタビュー くにみさん



生徒さんインタビュー くにみさん






生徒さんインタビュー くにみさん

Remembrance Day on November 11th

カナダでは11月に入ると胸元に赤いポピーの花のバッジをつけている人を見かけるようになります。11月11日のRemembrance Dayが近づいているからです。

In November, you may often see people putting the badges of red poppy on their chest in Canada. This is because Remembrance Day on November 11th is coming.

Remembrance Day on November 11th

(Photo from


This is a war memorial day, so people commemorate the soldiers, who died in the First World War, and ex-serviceman. Remembrance Day was established on this day because the war ended on November 11th, 1918. Every year, a silent prayer is conducted at 11 a.m. on that day.

Remembrance Day on November 11th

(Photo from


By the way, the poppy badges are very symbolic, aren’t they? Poppies have been symbolized since the flowers were fully bloomed on the worst battlefield of the First World War, which was in Flanders in Europe. The scenery looked as if the flowers tried to cover the blood and the horrible memory. This badges can be obtained upon donation in town or participating stores.

Remembrance Day on November 11th

こうした記念日は、「戦争」や「平和」について改めて考えるきっかけになると思います。各地で追悼セレモニーも行われているので、みなさんもポピーを胸に行ってみてはどうでしょうか? 今の平和な暮らしをもっともっと有り難く感じられるようになる良い機会になるかもしれませんよ。

This memorial day can be a good opportunity to reconsider “war” and “peace.” How about joining in one of the memorial ceremonies in various places with a poppy on your chest? The experience will make you feel much more appreciation for your current peaceful life.   



“How should we tip…?” This is one of the most common questions we are asked. For Japanese, especially, a tipping system is a little confusing, isn’t it? BUT! Now you are in CANADA, which has a tipping system, so please follow their customs ^^


Well, let’s see how much we should pay tips for each service☺



Cafes or Restaurants

In general, people pay tip about 10% or 15% of the total bill. In case you are in a restaurant, you may stay there for a long time and your server will take care of your table more often than a café. So we recommend giving tips according to the quality of the service. When having a reservation with a big group, sometimes 30% of the total is paid as a tip.





In general, people tip about 10% or 15% of the total bill. If a driver is helpful, like carrying heavy luggage, or offering special services, you may leave 20% of the total bill as a tip.




Beauty Salons or Spas

You should pay tips at a beauty salon or a spa. In general, people pay tip about 10% or 15% of the total amount.



In Canada, you can set the % with a credit card machine and add the tip to the total amount. If you really want to use cash, just calculate with your cell phone. 

Tips are really important source of income for people working in the service industry in Canada. It is pretty rude not to pay tips or to give low tips. Having no tip system cannot be an excuse. Japanese people are famous for their politeness but also low tips…Please don’t forget to pay appropriate tips!!  



Enjoy Winter Sports in Vancouver!

You can enjoy various winter sports in Vancouver during the winter season! Every year, each ski resort tends to open around the end of November. The ski mountains are easily accessible from downtown in Vancouver because they surround the city. With rental services, night skiing and a reasonable season pass, you can enjoy skiing or snowboarding even after your work or school!!

冬のバンクーバーといえばwinter sports!毎年11月下旬頃から各スキー場がオープンします。バンクーバーはたくさんの山に囲まれている街なので、ダウンタウンから各スキー場へのアクセスも良好です♪レンタルやナイター、シーズンパスなど環境も整っているので、学校帰りやお仕事帰りにも気軽に寄れちゃいますよ^^

1: Whistler

Enjoy Winter Sports in Canada!

(Photo from

Whistler is one of the largest ski resorts in North America, which is very popular and was one of the venues for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. The scale is huge, and it offers more than 200 slopes, 37 lifts, and the longest slope is 11 kilometres!! Even if you are not interested in skiing or snowboarding, you can enjoy other fun activities because it is a resort!  You can take a day trip to Whistler, but I recommend staying there for several days to fully enjoy the experience!


Whistler Official Website / 公式ウェブサイト

2: Cypress Mountain

Enjoy Winter Sports in Canada!

(Photo from Cypress Mountain Facebook page)

This ski mountain was also used as one of the venues for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Many intermediate and advanced skiers are attracted by the excellent quality of the snow.You can even look down Vancouver Island from the top of the mountain because of its large height difference. Using a shuttle bus from Lonsdale Quay is convenient if you do not have a car. 


Cypress Mountain Official Website / 公式ウェブサイト

3: Grouse Mountain

Enjoy Winter Sports in Canada!

(Photo from

Grouse Mountain is super accessible from downtown! You can go there even after your work or school😊 It takes only about 30 minutes by a shuttle bus from Canada Place! Grouse Mountain is also famous for its stunning night scape. It is popular as a dating spot as well!

ダウンタウンから山頂までのアクセスが良く、学校や会社帰りに立ち寄りやすいのがGrouse Mountain。Canada Placeからシャトルバスが出ており、30分ほどで到着できます!バンクーバーの夜景を一望できる夜景の美しさが有名です。人気のデートスポットでもあります:)

Grouse Mountain Official Website / 公式ウェブサイト

4: Mount Seymour

Enjoy Winter Sports in Canada!

(Photo from

Mount Seymour is relatively small but has the most reasonable fee for the lift😊Here is good for the beginner skiers, but also preferred by many snowboarders.

小規模ではありますが、リフトの料金が最もリーズナブルなのがMount Seymour。初心者におすすめのスキー場ですが、スノーボーダーの間でも人気が高いようです。

Mount Seymour Official Website / 公式ウェブサイト

Lastly, I have a good deal for international students who cannot afford to enjoy winter sports often even though they want to enjoy!!! Grouse Mountain has a Winter Pass, which you can enjoy whenever and as often as you like during the season!! Besides, it allows you to try other winter sports like ice skating and fun activities, and participate in a special Christmas event!! It costs $825 per adult! (Usually Day Ticket $69, and Night Ticket $49 *From 4pm to 10 pm)If you would like to go to Grouse Mountain regularly or very frequently, don’t forget to get one!

そしてなかなかお金に余裕の無いWinter Sports大好き留学生に朗報★Grouse MountainではWinter Passというシーズン中滑り放題で、さらにスケートなど他のアクティビティやクリスマスイベントにも参加できるお得なPassがあります!大人$825!(通常はDay Ticket $69 、Night Ticket $49 (16時~22時まで)です。)定期的に通う方はぜひご活用くださいね^^


憧れのカナダ留学!でもビザや語学学校選びってどうしたらいいのか? と迷っている方たちのためにエンジョイカナダの人気留学プランベスト3をご紹介します。

How do you visit Canada? There are 3 popular plans for Japanese students.

1:大人気ワーホリプラン Working holiday plan




Working holiday visa allows you to stay in Canada for 1 year. You can work full-time entire period of your stay and/or study at school up to 6 months.


EX: You go to school 2~3 months and find the job.


I recommend people who would like to learn English and work in Canada. You will have a lot of opportunity  to interact with diverse cultures.





I recommend people who would like to build the career and stay in Canada as long as they can.

Here is the program you can learn

  • Marketing management
  • Early childcare education
  • Hospitality Management

If you learn 1year at school, you get 1 year work permit; however it’s not open work permit so that you are not able to apply PGWP.   







It is the trend that parents go to study abroad together.

EX: Kid gose to class and join the activities and Mother participates the general class.

For the kids program, there is a teacher who company all activities so that Mother doesn’t have to company all day.











Can I make a reservation for 3 people at 7 p.m. on June 2?




I have a reservation, I am Mariko.




What do you recommend?



Can we have a couple of minute?
Could we have a little more time to think?



Picture of romantic couple dating in restaurant



Can we order?


Can I have…
I’ll have…



Can I get the bill?




デートスポットにも最適、バンクーバー市内のプラネタリウムに行ってみよう!An Ideal Dating Spot: Planetarium in Vancouver

Do you know H.R. MacMillan Space Centre in Kitsilano? It is a sort of a science museum about the universe.

デートスポットにも最適、バンクーバー市内のプラネタリウムに行ってみよう!An Ideal  Dating Spot: Planetarium in Vancouver

The planetarium is the most popular activity of the museum. Moreover, the planetarium here has more than 10 kinds of images, so you can at least enjoy 10 times.

デートスポットにも最適、バンクーバー市内のプラネタリウムに行ってみよう!An Ideal  Dating Spot: Planetarium in Vancouver

This planetarium has been in operation for 20 years, but as I mentioned earlier, there are over 10 kinds of images. I recommend you to check the schedule before you go.

As a matter of course, it is English, including explanation. It may be a bit difficult to understand, but once the show starts, you can do space tours and astronomical observations with beautiful images for 45 minutes.

Besides the planetarium, it is a science museum, so there are many unusual exhibits related to the universe.

You can touch the moonstone here!

デートスポットにも最適、バンクーバー市内のプラネタリウムに行ってみよう!An Ideal  Dating Spot: Planetarium in Vancouver

During the coming rain season, you will not see stars on the sky, but you can enjoy seeing stars here!

Why don’t you come and visit H.R. MacMillan Space Centre?

H.R. MacMillan Space Centre
Address: 1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-738-7827

Monday – Friday 10:00-15:00 
Saturday 10:00-17:00 
Sundays 12:00-17:00 
Holidays 10:00-17:00 

Closed on 25th December

Adult 18 dollars
12 to 18 years old · Senior $ 15
5 to 11 years old $ 13
free of charge under 4 years old

Visit the official website

ダウンタウンの郊外にあるH. R. MacMillan Space Centreをご存知ですか? 宇宙についての科学博物館といったところでしょうか。







是非、H. R. MacMillan Space Centreに訪れて見てはいかがですか?

H.R. MacMillan Space Centre
住所: 1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver
電話: 604-738-7827

月~金 10:00~15:00
土 10:00~17:00
日 12:00~17:00
祝日 10:00~17:00