Back yard dangers – The Racoon!


Raccoons are cute, but dangerous!

Raccoons are curious and very smart wild animals.

They are highly adaptable to living in cities, and near humans.

But be careful! They look cute, but can actually be
very dangerous!

Raccoons often carry several dangerous diseases including rabies.

Incidents of raccoons attacking human beings are rare,

it’s not something you want to risk!

You will surely end up in the hospital for the rest of the day, having to take
many needles + shots.

Raccoons carry two other diseases, roundworm and leptospirosis.

And if you have pets, it’s possible for you to spread these disease to your cat or dog!

If you see a raccoon
● Don’t be panic
● Just don’t touch them, and walk away from them
● be very careful in the spring of mothers protecting their babies