The best cream puff place in Vancouver! Sweet lovers must try it.

BETA5 is not only famous for cream puffs but also, extremely famous for chocolate!


About BETA5

BETA5 is a contemporary and innovative chocolate and pastry shop in Vancouver.

BETA5 was named as one of North America’s top ten chocolatiers and have received numerous international chocolate awards. After becoming the best with chocolate, they moved onto cream puffs and I’m so glad they did.



413 Industrial Ave

Monday- Closed

Tue-Fri 10:30~5:30pm

Sat –Sun 10:00~5:00pm


Take the #19 bus and then it’s only a 5 min walk away.


I tried the S’more and Earl Gray Puffs!



Outside is crunchy and  on the inside, the cream is sweet.

It’s even better with coffee.



Each puff is $5 (a little expensive?!)

But it’s worth it to try;)

These are not your grandma’s cream puffs. These are cream puffs that went to the gym, got struck by lightning and were brought

down by unicorns.

They are much larger than your average cream puff and much more delicious.

Don’t take my word for it, go and try some today!