Best taco places in Vancouver.

Downtown Vancouver has a lot of restaurants featuring food from different countries around the world!

This time I’m going to recommend a great taco place in Gastown!

Tacofino in Gastown


I would recommend these three dishes and drinks!


They have different kinds of tacos, chicken, lamb, beef, fish , chorizo, and veggie.



If you thought eating tacos was easy, wait til you get a hold of a burrito! Your choice of fish, chicken, chorizo and they even have vegan and vegetarian options.

I highly recommend the crispy chicken burrito.

2.Salsa and Dip

Chips and salsa go together like hockey and Canadians; perfectly.


3.Ginger Beer

Contrary to what you may think, Ginger beer is actually not beer. But, like beer, it is an acquired taste. If you like ginger tea, or just plain ginger, try it out!

4.Tequila Flights


Have you ever wanted to try different types of Tequila just like a wine connoisseur tries wine? Order the tequila flights and sample some today!