Build a real future in VCC


Choosing a college will be one of the most difficult decisions in your life, but most students don’t realize that you have to think of your future before enrolling in any college. VCC is characterized as a leader in job preparing and experience provider, as their programs usually serve the purpose of teaching students how to do what they will be doing after they graduate and focusing on the skills that they will utilize in the professional world, in contrast to other colleges that focus on academic matters.


The aim of this school is to provide each student with the necessary tools to thrive in the professional world and let them experience what their future job will look like while they are still in college. This method has helped VCC be the largest and oldest post secondary college in B.C. and their promise for making employment as easy as possible has made them unstoppable.


Their programs are designed to simulate a job at all times while you constantly learn about your field, and the facilities will make a huge difference when you need to accumulate experience in a controlled environment. Making their automotive programs along with hospitality and much more, extremely dynamic and popular.


International students feel comfortable and happy at VCC because they know that they are being prepared for the real life without stopping the learning process.