Winter is here, so be Prepared!

How can you make sure you will be protected against the cold?

Vancouver has an average winter temperature of 2~5℃!Nov~Feb)

But as you know, recently Vancouver has been extremely cold! The temperate along with the humidity makes it feel like below -10!


Things you probably need to stay warm!

Down jacket

Layers! You might need more than one layer! Jacket, sweaters, long sleeves, t-shirts, under shirts!

Disposal Heating pads

You can buy at London Drugs!

A hot water bottle

It’s a container filled with hot water, and used to warm up your bed.

Especially your feet, but be careful not to burn yourself!

Ear muffs and gloves

When you go out side, you absolutely need ear muffs.

You can buy earmuffs at an affordable price.

This year, winter is expected to be freezing!

So be prepared and stay warm!