Main Street Car Free day is coming!









Car Free Festivals is coming in this year, too. During the festivals, you can freely walk many places in downtown without concerning about car.
This event is for culturizing community and art through no car-area. So, there are many stalls in many streets. You can enjoy eating foods and checking local arts. You will also see many amazing performances on the street.


There are several events during the Car Free Festival. Those below are the locations and details.

• Westend Car Free Festival
There will be music stage.
Location: Denman Street from Davie to Robson
Time: Noon to 7 pm Saturday, June 16th

• Main Street Car Free Festival
There will be funky artisans and popular food vendors.
Location: Broadway to 30th on Main Street
Time: Noon to 7 pm Sunday, June 17th

• Commercial Broadway Car Free Festival
There will be much unique shopping and food.
Location: Venables to N. Grandview on Commercial Drive
Time: Noon to 7 pm Sunday, July 8th

• Kitsilano Block Parties
There are many things that kids love.
Location: Kitsilano
Time: June 16th, 17th and June 30th to July 2nd