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List of 10 things to know when buying maple syrup for souvenirs

List of 10 things to know when buying maple syrup for souvenirs

Speaking of Canadian souvenir’s, the main staple is “maple syrup”. How much do you know about maple syrup, everyone?







  1. Do you know what Japanese Maple is? Yes, “Kaede (maple)” is not it. Maple syrup is made by boiling Kaede’s sap and is known as a “natural sweetener from India”.
  2. Maple syrup’s largest producer is Quebec. The production volume is more than 80% of the whole world!
  3. “Maple Sugar” is concentrated in a solid state at room temperature, “Maple butter” is made into a cream (butter) shape after heating and concentrating maple syrup and is also popular.
  4. Everyone who has sap of trees in Quebec and its surroundings, did you know that maple syrup is actually a precious commodity? That’s why;
  5. From every 40 liters of sap, only 1 liter of syrup is available to the public
  6. Not every day can syrup be harvested, collection time is only during the 3 to 4 weeks of snow during the year.
  7. Calcium content is 50 times higher than honey!?When comparing maple syrup with honey, the calcium content is about 50 times greater and the potassium content is about 17 times greater.
  8. Is it related to the prevention of disease? The amount of calcium contained in maple syrup is about 100 mg (in 100 g), 2 mg (in 100 g) from honey is contained!
  9. Can you eat as a baby too? It is sterilized in the boiling process, 100% natural food, not containing coloring matter and additives, so it is safe for babies to eat.
  10. Is it really useful for beauty? It is said that when you take a little bit of maple syrup from liquid bath additives, your skin will become sparse.















  1. メープルが採れる木を日本語で何というかご存知ですか?そう、「楓(かえで)」ですよね。楓(かえで)の樹液を煮詰めて作られるメープルシロップは「インディアンから伝わった天然の甘味料」でした。
  2. メープルシロップ最大の生産地はケベック州です。その生産量はなんと全世界の80%以上!
  3. 常温で固体状になるまで濃縮したものを「メープルシュガー」、メープルシロップを加熱濃縮後、クリーム(バター)状にした「メープルバター」 も人気です。
  4. 樹液が採れる木がケベック州とその周辺にしかない皆さん、メープルシロップが実は貴重なものだということを知っていましたか?以下がその理由です
  5. 40リットルの樹液から、たった1リットルのシロップしかできない
  6. 毎日採れるわけではなく、採取時期は1年のうち雪解け頃の僅か3~4週間だけ
  7. カルシウム含有量がハチミツの50倍!?メープルシロップとハチミツを比べると、カルシウム含有量は約50倍、カリウムは約17倍です。
  8. 病気の予防に関係あり?メープルシロップに含まれるカルシウム量は約100mg(100g中)なので、ハチミツが2mg(100g中)含まれています!
  9. 赤ちゃんも食べられる?煮詰める過程で殺菌され、着色料や添加物を含まない100%の自然食品なので、赤ちゃんが食べても安全です。
  10. 美容にも使えるってホント?液体入浴剤より若干少なめのメープルシロップをお風呂に入れると、お肌がスベスベになるなんていわれています。

Let’s go out with sky train

Let’s go out with sky train

While staying in Vancouver, you can travel very cheap by using the Skytrain and you can peek at the daily lives of Vancouver citizens.

The name is Skytrain (SKYTRAIN), but in the downtown it runs mainly underground like a subway, then runs outdoors while looking at the sky, like the name suggests, and continues to run mostly elevated mainly after going out to the suburbs. Because it is automatic by computer control, the scenery spreads in front of the eyes when riding in the front of the vehicle, it gives you a feeling of being in the driver seat, please try by all means.

Translink fee is divided into three zones and it depends on whether you move across that zone. Within 90 minutes, you can get on and off the Skytrain, Sea Bus, and City Bus as much as you like. Since the zone system disappears after 6:30 pm on weekdays, on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays, it is the amount of 1 zone no matter how far you decide to go. Discount rates are also available for those 5 to 13 years old, called Concession, and for those 65 years old and over.

The Skytrain has no schedule except for the first and last train hours and arrives and departs every 3 to 5 minutes during the day, so you can easily use it in various places including Metro Town, Richmond, Surrey Mall, etc. You can go.

















トランスリンクの料金は3つのゾーンに分かれていて、そのゾーンをまたいで移動するかによって変わります。90分以内でしたら、スカイトレイン、シーバス、市バスの乗り降りが可能です。平日の午後6時半以降、土日、祭日はゾーン制が無くなりますので、どこまで行っても1zoneの金額です。Concession と呼ばれ5才~13才、65才以上の方には割引料金もあります。


Canadian milk tastes too plain!? Milk situation in Canada

Canadian milk tastes too plain!? Milk situation in Canada






When you first drunk milk in Canada,

Have you felt the taste is light?

This time, I will explain milk situation in Canada!







Types of milk and nutrients

  • Skim Milk

It corresponds to “nonfat milk” in Japan.

The fat content of skim milk is less than 0.3% fat content per 100g. The fat content is almost zero, it is a healthy milk with low caloric value, but there are many people who feel that the “taste is light”.

  • 1% (Partly Skimmed Milk)

It corresponds to “low fat milk” in Japan.

  • 2% (Partly Skimmed Milk) It is said that the most consumed option in Canada is 2% milk.
  • 3.25% (Homo Milk / Whole Milk) This type of milk is said to be “closest to Japanese milk”.

Buy Homo Milk / Whole Milk if you want to buy something close to Japanese taste!










  • Skim Milk
  • 1%(Partly Skimmed Milk)
  • 2%(Partly Skimmed Milk)
  • 3.25%(Homo Milk / Whole Milk)


日本の味に近いものを買いたい場合はHomo Milk / Whole Milkを購入しましょう!

If you miss Japan, you should go here! Introduction of a convenience store

 If you miss Japan, you should go here! Introduction of a convenience store







Although I missed Japanese food while staying in Vancouver, there are Canadian cultures such as chips if you go to a restaurant. Even if I go to Seven Eleven, I cannot find a box lunch or rice ball! A Japanese convenience store is the perfect choice for you!

KONBINIYA on Robson Street, famous for their giant Pocky sign, is 23 years old this year. The official name is, KONBINIYA JAPAN CENTER. Many of the guests are local Canadians, but Japanese people can easily get Japanese food and Japanese can communicate with the Japanese speaking staff.

Inside the store there are tens of thousands of items, ranging from popular Pocky for Canadians and Japanese pickles, Natto, and especially popular rice balls, lunch boxes and cup noodles for Japanese travelers. It is also a pleasant to find a lot of sale items which are considerably cheaper than the regular price every week.

If you are definitely missing Japanese food, try going!









ポッキーの大きな看板で有名なロブソン通りにあるコンビニ屋さんは今年で23年目です。正式名称はKONBINIYA JAPAN CENTREといいます。お客様の多くは地元カナディアンですが、日本人にとっては日本食が容易に手に入り日本語が通じ、まさしく安心出来る場所です。



Italian pizza for a low price!

Italian pizza for a low price!






Eating out is expensive in Vancouver.
However, this Italian restaurant, Marcello Pizzeria is cheaper compared to Gastown and Yale
town. Plus, the quality is pretty high. You can get a real Italian pizza from $12 to $20. Of course,
other Italian foods such as pasta is also tasty and available, too.
The inside of the store is very fancy and sophisticated. It is a great location for a date.
Marcello Pizzeria is located in Little Italy, which is an area where many Italian shops can be
found. The restaurant is so popular for Canadians that it can get crowded in the evenings on the









私のおすすめのレストランはリトルイタリー内にあるMarcello Pizzeriaです。ここのイタリア

Hidden sightseeing spot, Fort Langley

Hidden sightseeing spot, Fort Langley.







Fort Langley is a good place to visit if you like villages or you get tired of sightseeing around downtown.

Fort Langley was crowded in the 19th Century because of the Gold Rush, so the style of this town is very historic and fancy. You can see many historical buildings in the area. There are many antique shops and you might find a very precious antique product. There are also cute cafés and coffee shops. You can relax and enjoy the beautiful view with a tasty drink and food.

To go there, you can take 555 bus from Lougheed station and transit by the C62 bus at Carvolth exchange.










Do you know that there is an Ice Cream shop that has over 200 flavors in Vancouver?

Do you know that there is an Ice Cream shop that has over 200 flavors in Vancouver?







They have many of the usual favourite flavours, such as orange and chocolate, and they also have crazy flavours like curry and kimchi. It is fun trying those unique flavors.

The shop’s name is La Casa Gelato and is located on 1033 Venables Street, near Commercial Broadway station. You can take the number 22 bus from downtown to get there and get off on Glen Drive.

Unlike other ice cream shops, you buy a toy- coin at a cashier first. The coin will be exchanged for an ice cream. But you can try tasting as many flavours as you like to before you choose the one you want.

You will enjoy it even if you go with your friends or by yourself. The shop is also open everyday until 11 pm, so it is very convenient.











Meet-up in downtown!! 新規大歓迎!ごはん&飲みの会in Downtown









日時 6月28日 木曜日 午後7時から~
場所 Shenangliganというおしゃれなバーでご飯を食べます!
応募方法 6月25日までにmanae@enjoycanada.coまなえまでご連絡ください!

Richmond Summer Night Market is coming!

Eat Eat Eat! Richmond Summer Night Market The season of Richmond Summer Night Market came in this year, too. It is a very popular market and there are over 80 Asian food vendors..






It is a good chance to eat many foods at once, such as croup, Fried chicken, Calamari, Roman, etc. They are so tasty that you cannot stop eating. In addition, there will be a campaign called Summer Seafood Festival. The Festival can eat expensive seafood such as crab with cheap price. It is a great deal to get it








The event, open from 7pm to 12pm on every Friday and Saturday and from 7pm to 11pm on every Sunday until October 8th. The duration of sunshine is very long in Vancouver during the summer, so you can bring kids if you have. There are also some rides for them. You cannot miss it!






Deep Cove ~Beautiful Landscape~

Deep Cove ~Beautiful Landscape~ Do you like Nature? Do you like beautiful view? Deep Cove is the best place for the ones who love them.







Deep Cove is about 1 hour away from downtown, Vancouver. You can go there straight by taking #221 bus. Beautiful forest welcomes you as soon as you arrive there. Parks in Deep Cove are the best places to relax. You can experience kayak and hiking during enjoying the great landscapes. All photos you take in there would be so nice as if professional cameraman take. After some exercise, it is natural to get hungry. Deep Cove has many tasty café and a restaurant. The donuts shop called Honey Donuts and Goodies is one of the famous sweets shops in there and it is often long line. But the taste is so good








It is a good place for the day trip.