Happy July!
Summer is here and no better time to introduce: CCEL a very unique ESL school in Vancouver.

Why is CCEL amazing?


1   SMRT Curriculum

Students use laptops during class.

SMRT curriculum prepares students to excel in all areas of English.
Instructions and classroom activities apply the use of the Internet as a powerful learning tool and communication medium,
drawing from such resources as YouTube, TED, and Wikipedia.

2  Working Holiday Program

This program is suited for students looking for a job after graduating from CCEL.

Students can learn Business English, Hospitality English and how to build their resume.

After completing the program, students are ready for the workplace!
3  Student dormitories

CCEL has Student dormitory.

The dormitories are located in downtown Vancouver, next to world famous Stanley Park

and is on trendy Robson Street.

Good thing is a Free lunch is served at eh! restaurant from Monday to Friday if you pre-pay for 3+ months!!!


4 E learning

CCEL provides ‘’E Lerning service’’ to the students can study English broad cast after class!

If you want to know more details please contact Mariko