Do you know about Chinese New Year ??


As they follow the lunar calendar, Feb 5th is actually their new year.


This is similar to the New Year’s holiday in Japan. It will be held especially in China, South Korea, North Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mongolia any other Asian nations…


This holiday happens during a long period of time rather than a day called, ‘Lunar New Year’.

The atmosphere of the towns completely change which are decorated with red lanterns from middle of January to the middle of February.

The mood is celebratory and many festivals are held at various places.


February 4th is similar to the west’s New Year’s Eve, so please be careful as there are many days off !!


Vancouver Chinese New Year Parade in Chinatown.


According to their official website, the 2019 Vancouver’s Chinese New Year’s parade in Chinatown will be held around February 5, 2019. Most likely it’ll be on Sunday, February 10th.

In addition, there will be festivals, especially in cities populated with Chinese, during this time.

So, please check it when the time comes.





チャイニーズニューイヤーの時期である1月中旬-2月中旬ごろまでLunar New Yearと呼ばれる旧正月の連休になり街の雰囲気は一変り。赤いランタンや飾りで街全体がお祝いムードになり、各地でお祝いのお祭りが行われます◡̈




Date:Feb 4th❥❥Feb 5th – about 1week.