I will introduce to you the washing situation in Canada and how to use coin laundry.


Does anyone not have a washing machine for private use?


There are many people who do not have a washing machine for private use in Canada.

When you live in an apartment, there are times when you are using a shared laundry room in the building. Of course, there is a fee, so you will pay for each use.


The organized, considerate person, who shares a room with another person while studying abroad or on a working holiday, follows these guidelines and rules, so let’s use them.


・When using the dryer, be careful with the materials you put in

・After use check every corner of washing machine and dryer

・Do not overfill the dryer























・ 洗濯物を中に入れっぱなしにしない

・ 乾燥機を使う場合には素材に注意

・ 利用後は洗濯機や乾燥機の中の隅々まで確認する

・ 乾燥機一杯に入れすぎないようにする