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Translink is going to start a, ‘Tap to pay service’ in May in Vancouver. This will allow credit cards to be used instead of a compass card when taking a bus, sky train, or sea bus.


Translink introduces, Tap to pay service with credit card. Translink announced that it will introduce Tap to pay with credit card starting May 22nd (Tue) of 2018.

Prior to this, people who did not have compass cards had to purchase tickets with ticket vending machines or had to pay within the bus.

But now, you can tap-in and tap-out with Visa® and Mastercard® credit cards.


In the case of tap settlement with credit card, settlement is done at the adult fee. Since the compass card has a discount fee, it is recommended to use the compass card unless there is a special reason.


バンクーバーで5月から始まるTranslinkのTap to payサービス







トランスリンクがクレジットカードでのTap to payサービスを導入

トランスリンクがクレジットカードでの Tap to Pay を2018年5月22日(火)から導入することを発表しました。今まで旅行者やコンパスカードを持っていない人は、券売機でチケットを購入 or バスの中で支払いが必要でした。

5月22日からは Visa® と Mastercard® のクレジットカードでもタップイン・タップアウトができます。