Creative minds belong to Ai


The Art institute is a giant in the arts industry and has proven to be the favourite place for artists all around the globe to uncover their true potential in a fascinating way. The facilities are absolutely amazing, and their students love every single piece of it, from the virtual reality room to the classrooms and common areas. The art institute is without a doubt a major player in film making, videogame development, fashion design and other creative areas.


The students are armed with knowledge and experience in their fields to face the tough world while being encouraged to take risks and leave their comfort zones.


Even though the artist way is very tough, Ai students actively pursue their dreams, pushing themselves to their limits and learning from the process.


The art institute will provide any artist with the knowledge, the technology, the experience and the courage to take any challenge and use their talent to work in what they love to do.


If you are thirsty of success and you will embrace any challenge to get to your dreams, Ai is the place for you and from day 1 you will see that sky is the limit.