Develop real English fluency in iTTTi!
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When choosing the best ESL (English as a Second Language) School for you, try to think in your
current English abilities and analyze what your strongest and weakest skills are: maybe you are great at
speaking but not so well at writing. Or maybe your grammar is excellent but you stutter, pause or use
repetitive words while speaking. If you are more of the latter example, probably what you need to
improve is your English fluency.
Fluency is one of the most difficult abilities to develop when you are learning a new language.
Sometimes you know the grammar and know the vocabulary, but words simply don’t come out in an
articulate way! This is why iTTTi focuses on oral communication courses and is starting to be known as
the fluency specialists!
iTTTi is an ESL School that is dedicated in helping students improve their English fluency and
English abilities in general, taking into consideration the different needs or ways of learning that their
students may have. In iTTTi, you have the opportunity to share your personal language goals with
your counsellors and teachers, so they can guide you in the right way!
In addition to their General, Academic and Professional English Courses, iTTTi also offers a youth
program called “Teen Project Learning”, for students entering into the Canadian High School system
(15-17 years old), where they’ll learn about Canadian culture, popular culture and media, and
If you are interested or need more information, do not hesitate to contact me at in English or Spanish!
 General English
 Fluency Specialist Series (Intro or Test Master, focusing on the speaking section of tests)
 English for Career Purposes (International Business, Hospitality and Tourism, or Marketing)
 Exam preparation (IELTS, TOEIC, TFL iBT or FCE/CAE)
 Teen Project Learning
 College, Trade School or University Access
What makes them unique?
 Focused on improving your English fluency! If you want to speak like a native, this is the place
for you!
 Programs for international students entering Canadian High Schools! Make the transition
easier and smoother!