Do you want to grab a one-of-a-kind selfie latte?

Taste and circle




Address: 206 Carrall St, Vancouver


This is a MUST go place in Vancouver! Gastown creative cafe and coffee shop Taste and Circle gives its customers the opportunity to customize their lattes by ordering them with selfies, images, or unique messages in the foam. This is the first and only place you can get selfie lattes in Vancouver.

You can either take a selfie there or send them a selfie or image that you want to have printed on top. Once they create the latte, they put it into a machine that burns the image into a foam, and you can have “printed” selfie latte! You can put image with you and your friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/pet…etc.

なんとラテに自分の写真をプリントできるお店があるのです!(自分だけでなく、友達や恋人と写っている写真も勿論OK)これが出来るのはTaste and circleだけ!バンクーバーで最初で唯一のお店です。