Famous cafés in downtown
As you can see there are many cafés in downtown
I will introduce cafés from each region of Vancouver 😉
Downtown area
This place is best known as a French patisserie
Gastown area
Burru coffee
Coffee lovers must go!
The bar itself is equipped with a top gear espresso machine accompanied byKold electronic
grinders, the most advanced coffee grinding machine at reduced heat for more floral notes in the cup.
Timber train coffee
It’s good to have great coffee and home made waffles!
Nelson the Seagull
Breakfast and a light lunch menu are available
Yale town
Small victory
When you walk in, it smells delicious because of the fresh baking that goes on, you can
literally see fresh bread coming out of the oven!
Rocanini Coffee Roasters
It is a relaxing place to hang out and even do work and or study !