In Vancouver, we do unique/weird events very often, such as Zombie walk, naked bike ride, 420, polar bear swim and No pants sky train ride Day…etc. Today, I will introduce one of those crazy events, “Pillow Fight”.

The event, held on the first Saturday of April each year, was located in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Participants brought their own pillows and enjoyed swinging and clobbering each other, with rules mandating participants to not break cameras, eyeglasses, and to throw away any ‘used’ pillows after the event is over.












Really crazy…but sounds so fun, right? So here are some rules when you participate the event.

Pillow Fight Rules

Don’t be in location until exactly 3 pm.

Keep your pillows concealed until starting time.

Right at 3 pm rush in screaming “PILLOW FIGHT!”

Have fun pillow fighting for 15 minutes and then promptly leave the area.

Stay in the plaza area and off the roads and sidewalks.

Hit ONLY people with pillows. If a person doesn’t have a pillow and is obviously not participating, don’t hit them!

Use common sense! Fight for fun. Don’t hurt anyone.Participate and/or stand in the immediate vicinity at your own risk!



  1. 始まる時間ぴったりまで、会場に行かないこと!
  2. 枕は始まるまで隠す
  3.  3時になったら走りながら「ピロウ・ファイッ!!!」と叫び開始
  4. 15分間暴れ楽しんだら、すぐさまその場から去る
  5. 道路や通行路からは離れる
  6. 枕で人を殴るのはOK。そして枕を持っていない人や明らかに参加していない人をたたかないこと