Free JAZZ Vespers!

教会でJAZZを聴こう!Free JAZZ Vespers!


Have you ever visited churches? I suppose that you, especially Japanese, are not so familiar with churches because people in Japan are less religious. But I believe that there are many people who have an interest in churches because of their beauty. Today I would like to recommend visiting churches to enjoy JAZZ performances for free!!

みなさんは教会に行ったことはありますか? 多くの日本人は無宗教なので、教会に無い方も多いと思います。でもその見た目の美しさやイメージから、興味のある方も多いのでは。今日は宗教心の有無に関わらず、音楽が好きならみんなで楽しめる、Free JAZZ Vespersのご紹介です♪

A number of churches, in many cities like Vancouver and Surrey, provide us free Jazz vespers services with local musicians. These are widely opened concerts, so anyone can visit the churches and enjoy the concerts even though you are not religious. (Some artists sing about religion, but it does not mean you are invited to be a Christian.) The name is, ‘JAZZ Vespers’, but actually you can enjoy various kinds of music such as Soul, Gospel, big band jazz and so on. The schedule is different from church to church, but it is held several times a month.



In downtown, it is held about twice a month at St. Andrew’s Wesley United Church.

How about checking the schedule of the nearest church from your place and visit there at least once? I believe that you can have a beautiful Sunday★^^

ちなみにダウンタウンだとSt. Andrew’s Wesley United Churchで毎月ほぼ隔週のペースで開催されているようです。他にもみなさんのご自宅の近くの教会のスケジュールを調べて、ふらっといてみてはいかがでしょうか?素敵な日曜日を過ごせると思いますよ★^^