Go to the Rocky Mountains and gain English skills and money!!


Why did you come to Canada? What kind of purpose or motivation do you have? I suppose everyone has their own reasons such as, “I want to improve my English skills!” ”I want to try to live in a foreign country!” ”I want to catch up with my friends because they have experienced studying abroad!” And what about this?




“I want to grow and come to love myself more.”


No matter what kind of reasons you have, this is one of your reasons for you coming here, isn’t it? It is very important to have a desire for personal growth. Today I would like to suggest going to and working in the Rocky Mountains, which has a different condition compared with cities, in order to grow yourself in Canada!


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‘WORK & TRAVEL PROGRAM’-Grab a great experience by working in an English-using environment- by International House Vancouver

Even though your English skill is still limited, you can try to work in an English-only environment. This is an amazing chance to make your English skills better, learn a lot of significant things apart from English and to make you grow.

~英語環境で働く感動の体験 WORK & TRAVELプログラム(学校:IH Vancouver)~



In order to join this program, you need to study at IH Vancouver for three months and improve your English skills at least toLower Intermediate level. After that, IH Vancouver will introduce you toa hotel in a resort area where you can work. (Usually near the Rocky Mountains) You can decide the length of work from three months to six months. Also, this is a live-in job!

This is a unique program which has a very passionate message from the staff at IH Vancouver; Hey guys coming here for working holiday! Don’t be satisfied with working at a Japanese restaurant after learning English in a language school! Train yourself in the mountains, grab an amazing experience and discover yourself!

語学学校で3ヶ月間、最低でもLower Intermediateまで英語力を上げた後、IH Vancouverがリゾート地のホテルを就業先として紹介してくれます。3ヶ月から6ヶ月の期間、有給で、しかも住み込みで働くことができるんです!

「ワーホリでカナダに来ている若者たち!語学学校卒業してなんとなくジャパレスで働くんじゃなくて、ポーンと山で修行して、ひと皮むけて来いよ!」という、IH Vancouverスタッフのみなさんの熱い想いが込められた、ユニークなプログラムとなっています!

“I want to improve my English skills in a short period of time!”

“I want to improve my pronunciation!”

“I want to have a more Canadian experience!”

“I have an interest in the field of hospitality!”

“I want to work at a hotel!”

(but don’t have enough English skills to work at hotels inthe cities…)

“I want to learn some interesting topics!”

“I can’t stand climbing a mountain if it is in front of me!”

“Anyway, I need to save money!”











If you are like these, you should try right now!

If you would like to know the details, please feel free to contact us!^^