Have you ridden the SEA BUS ???


The Seabus goes across the ocean to go to North Vancouver from waterfront station in Downtown. It is possible to use a bus to get to North Vancouver but, there is FREE WIFI inside the Seabus. Also the seabus is very huge, it can hold up to 400 people!! There is no need to worry about capacity.

Also there is local market near the station called Lonsdale Quay.

It is not only visited by a lot of tourists, but also local people, especially on the weekends. We can use the same compass card used for trains and buses. Although it is a 2 zone area, it will be 1 zone after 6:30pm on weekdays and all day weekends.






電車やバスと同じCompass Cardを使うことができ、シーバスを使いノースバンクーバへ行くと2ゾーンですが、平日6:30以降、週末は1ゾーンの値段で行くことができます。

HOURS:Now every 15 minutes everyday.

We want you to see the night view as well as the day view. We can spend an awesome time while moving. Let’s stop by Lonsdale Quay Market when you use the seabus.