Homestay Services

Home away from Home

Enjoy Canada agency has been operating its homestay program since 1998. Every year, we place more than 360 new-comers into homes in our homestay program. Our Homestay Coordinator, with 6 years of experience, always strives to find the most suitable homestay based on the preferences of the students.

If you want to apply for our homestay program, simply fill out an application form and send it to us along with the application fee. Then, our coordinator will contact you within 1 business day.


Why choose Enjoy Canada Homestay?

  1. Competitive prices Compatible price
  2. Our homestay fees start from $900† including 3 meals. Students pay their homestay fees on a monthly basis, not every 4 weeks‡. In this way, it is much easier to calculate when to pay for the homestay fee. It’s always the same day as the move-in date!
  3. Private Bedroom
    Our host families provide a private bedroom unless students ask for a shared room. Private bathrooms are also available for an extra charge.
  4. Free airport pick up
    For students applying for our homestay program, you are entitled to use our FREE Airport Pickup service! For details on the airport pick up procedure, please refer to the Airport Pickup Service section.
  5. Experienced Homestay staff
    As a liaison staff, our homestay coordinator takes a mediator role if students have a problem with his/her host family. We also help students to communicate with their host family when they have difficulties with English.
  6. Large Homestay database
    Since 2008, we have maintained our homestay data on a web-based server. We have more than 3000 host family’s information and it is all COMPUTERIZED!

† Homestay fees may vary depends on the host family.
‡ May have exceptions.

How to apply for Enjoy Canada Homestay program?

  1. Fill out the Application form.
  2. Fill our payment form for the application fee*(non-refundable) (*Currently site is not working. 🙁 please send us an email for instruction for alternative way.)
  3. Get a homestay profile
  4. Send us the confirmation email
  5. We will confirm your flight schedule and send you an orientation package
  6. Get ready to come to CANADA! 😀

For a more detailed procedure, please contact us at