How do you spend Christmas and New Years?

The holiday season is coming with Christmas fast approaching 😉

Do you have any ideas how you will spend your holidays?

Here are some tips on how to enjoy this holiday season with festive cheer..


female chopping food ingredients

Have a hot pot party

It’s an easy dish to prepare for guests.

Stay warm and have delicious hot pot while spending time with loved ones.

You can also have a potluck and invite guests to bring a dish that means something special to them.



It may take time to prepare. And waiting for your treats to finish baking in the oven as the delicious odor permeates your house may be difficult. But it’s worth it!

Never baked before? Why don’t you try something new? There are packages out there that make things easy or you can take it to the advanced level and bake from scratch!

Don’t worry, indulge yourself. After all, getting into shape is our New Year’s Resolution, right? 😉

Board games:


The classic board games like Monopoly, Risk and Battleship are great!

Order a pizza, invite friends over and try out some board games.



What better time to binge watch your favourite shows than during the holidays?

It’s a great chance to try watching dramas like, How I Met Your Mother and FRIENDS!

You might finish watching all the episodes!

House cleaning:

Before the coming new year, clean your place; the bedroom, kitchen, dining room, and dump what you don’t need!