How to buy alcohol in Canada!!



In Japan, alcohol can be purchased anywhere in supermarkets, convenience stores, or even vending machines, but in Vancouver, BC (British Columbia), you can only purchase where the government allows alcohol to be sold. Basically, we buy alcohol at the BC Liquor Store, though some supermarkets have been selling alcohol since last year (2018).


★We can not buy alcohol in a convenience store or supermarket

★Please note that business hours are different depending on stores for BC Liquor Stores.


It is a rule that we must be over 19 years old to buy alcohol.

We have to show them 2 types of ID such as a passport, credit card, or driver’s license). *They do not accept copies


Also all the members who are in the cash register must show 2 types of ID to the staff when we purchasing alcohol.

Please wait outside if there is a person who does not have it.

In addition, in Canada, it is only possible to drink inside.

Please note that we can not drink outside such as at a beach, park, festival.


昨年2018年頃から一部のスーパーマーケットでワインの販売が認められはじめましたが、基本的にはBC Liquor StoreもしくはBC 認可のプライベートのお店で購入することができます。



★BC Liquor Storeは店舗によって営業時間が異なるので注意が必要です。