Finding Love in Vancouver?!

If you have been in Vancouver for a long time, then you might get the chance to go on a date with a Canadian, or perhaps someone from another country.


Go outdoors!


My first piece of advice to foreigners like myself is just go outdoors!

You see, a lot of English students feel they doesn’t have the opportunity to meet new people. Well,

I’d  like to give you some advice! Be assertive. Go to events, and music festivals. The summer is coming, so enjoy yourself! Vancouver has so many summer-time events .



My second suggestion is to Join a Meetup event! is a great website to meet people around Vancouver,

there are daily hobby groups that anyone can join in with!

Thirdly, find a job. Or join someones workplace party!

If you’re bored, then getting a job, or joining your friends.

Finding LOVE in Vancouver !