How to find a share house in Vancouver


Step 1. Use search engines like Google, Yahoo or Baidu to look for share houses in Vancouver.

Type “Vancouver Share House,” or “rooms for rent in Vancouver.”

Or…Use local classified ad sites such as, Vancouver craigslist – housing

Padmapper is a site that uses local maps to show the location of potential rooms for rent. It allows you to move around just like Google Maps and updates the data to show rental units in the selected areas.

Step 2. Contact the landlord.

In Canada it’s ok to email or contact the landlord directly. Very often the owner of the house (not an agency) will rent their room to you.

Step 3.  Go and see the share house.

Pictures can sometimes be deceiving! So it’s always a good idea to take a look at the unit before signing any contracts. It’s helpful to bring along someone who is knowledgeable to help point out potential problems or to point out benefits. Be careful if you go alone at night!

Step 4. Pay the deposit if you like the room.

Important Note: In Canada you do NOT have to pay for a “take over fee,” or more than

half a month’s rent for the deposit. Be careful of people preying on international students. Enjoy your share house life! It’s a great way to make new friends and experience living abroad!