How to get a Library card


Do you have a Library card? You may study at the library but I can assume that you don’t have one. You can do it very quickly if you bring some documents to the counter in the library even though the word ‘register’ sounds difficult to do.

(From Vancouver Public Library website)


Not only Canadians but also foreigners, who are here on a working holiday visa or study permit, can get a Library card for free. But in order to do that, you need to prepare some documents. You will need to bring two pieces of ID, one from each of the following lists:


  1. Passport, Canadian visa or work permit issued for 6 months or more, Social Insurance card, and so on
  2. Proof of residential address: Rental agreement (officially signed), Utility bill*, Personal mail with current postmark*, Home stay information letter (complete address & student’s name must be in letter) *mailed items or receipts must be dated and no more than one month old.


If you are staying in Vancouver for less than six months, you can get a Free Internet Access card or Visitor card.


Free Internet Access card: You can get a free Internet Access card to use the library’s wireless network or to access the internet on their computers. Bring one piece of personal identification, preferably with your home address, to get your Internet Access card.


Visitor card: You can purchase a 90 day visitor card for $30. Bring two pieces of ID, one of which includes your permanent address, to any VPL branch.

(Sited from Vancouver Public Library website

In my case, I asked an officer what I needed to prepare at the counter, and I brought my passport, work permit and rental agreement the following day. You now know how to get a library card because you are reading this article, but I recommend you to try it the same way as I did. So as to practice speaking English;) Don’t worry the officers are very kind!









1個人ID(パスポート、6ヶ月以上の就労/学生ビザ、SIN ナンバー、など・・・)





Free Internet Access card: 無料で図書館のwifiにアクセスでき、パソコンも使うことができます。これだけでも随分助かりますね!IDと現住所のわかるものを持っていけばOKです。

Visitor card: $30で90日間有効。無料wifi、パソコン利用と本やDVDを10点まで借りることができます。ID2つ(うちひとつは住所の確認できるもの)で申請することができます。



ちなみに私は窓口で何が必要か聞いて、後日念のためパスポートとワーホリビザと賃貸契約の書類を持っていきました。この記事を読まれた皆さんは何が必要か既にわかっているかもしれませんが、知らないふりして「I’d like to get a Library Card」と窓口で聞いてみるのも英語でのコミュニケーションの練習になって良いと思いますよ^^ぜひチャレンジしてみてくださいね!