Good news for people who don’t like veggies!

People who don’t like vegetables can try, Jugo Juice to get nutrition from healthy juices.

I highly recommend Jugo Juice. If we’re talking about regular fresh juice, I can tell you that it’s not tasty and you will actually taste VEGETABLES… But Jugo Juice is very tasty! If you don’t like to eat veggies, you can try Jugo juice!











This are their most famous smoothies

1: Mighty Kale

What’s in there?


Mighty Kale®

mango, spinach, kale, apple juice, orange juice, and pineapple

The smoothie that changed EVERYTHING. The one, the only, the ultimate. Celebrities, athletes, and even your dad has tried this smoothie and loved it – we think it’s the best way to get your daily quota of vitamins, minerals and colorful food because it just tastes awesome. We elevated kale and made green taste great. Period.


2: Mango Magic

What’s in there?

mango, orange juice, and tropical juices

Did you know that this smoothie originally had fresh buttermilk and grated ginger in it? Talk about evolving the smoothie! The original 1998 concoction was a lot zingy-er than it is now, but today’s version really profiles the delicious mango flavor. This is the smoothie we use most when we’re sampling at local community events, because mangoes are great at keeping the velvety smooth consistency that Jugo smoothies are famous for