888 pandas are at Metrotown this summer.







888 paper pandas have arrived at the biggest shopping mall in the Vancouver area, “Metropolis at Metrotown” (4700 Kingsway, Burnaby) since July 10th. The project was started by WWF and French artists in 2008. It is currently touring all over the world. They have exhibited at over 1,000 places in Europe, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places around the world with 1,600 pandas made of paper clay. The purpose is to appeal the need for wild panda protection.

In this mall, which was the first venue for North America this time, 888 pandas, the lucky number of China, are exhibited. You can also buy a paper panda with a donation of more than 50 Canadian dollars.

Entry is free and the event is on until August 8th. We st


ill have a few days left. Why don’t you go there?



バンクーバーエリア最大のショッピングモール「メトロタウン(Metropolis at Metrotown)」(4700 Kingsway, Burnaby)に7月10日、888頭の紙粘土製パンダが参上しました。




入場無料で8月8日まで開催しています! かわいいパンダちゃんを見にぜひ!