If you buy daily necessities in Vancouver, here are my recommendations!




If you live in Vancouver, I will introduce you to two drugstores that everyone knows.

It is a very convenient store where you can buy food, daily necessities and even souvenirs.

They have paper, laundry detergent, shampoo, rinse, toothbrush, cosmetics, confectionery, food and so on! Furthermore there is pharmacy in those shops. They also sell compass cards.













The most common drug store in Vancouver. Products of their own brand, “Life” are affordable! You can buy tissues, sweets, and drinks for cheap. I recommend their flavoured water for super cheap. You can’t get it in Japan.











・London Drugs

Among Japanese, it is known as, “Londra”. You can buy shampoo and confectionery, pasta and canned goods are also cheap! And I recommend it for those who live in a share house with other people! Also, most shops deal with electric appliances and personal computers, and the price is about the same as most major home electronics stores. London Drugs has an affluent variety of products that can be used to find souvenirs too!

ダウンタウンのグランビル駅前にある店舗が待ち合わせ場所にもなりやすい!? 日本人の間では通称“ロンドラ”。シャンプーや菓子、パスタや缶詰なども安めの価格設定になっていてシェアハウスの人にはおすすめです! また、大抵の店舗で電化製品・パソコン類も扱っていて、値段も大手家電店と同じくらいです。お土産探しにも使える品揃えの豊富さはロンドラならではです!