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There are many illegal immigration consultants & companies offering immigration information and services. However, only licensed immigration consultants can give you an advice on a immigration matter. They are lawyers, Notary Public in Quebec and members of Immigration Consultant of Canada Regulatory Council with good standing.
EnjoyCanada is a registered company with the ICCRC and our company name & consultant’s name can be found on CICC website.

If you want to come to Canada permanently, there are many categories you may choose from.

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Jeeyoung Jang

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant
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Canada has 5 different types of permanent resident-PR- applications. They are Skilled Worker Stream, Low-skilled Worker Stream, Business Stream, Family Stream and Protected Persons (Refugee).

1. Skilled Worker Stream

Skilled Worker Class means you can apply for a PR visa with your work experience in a skilled level position for at least a year.

2. Low-skilled Worker Stream

Normally, Canada does not allow entry level / semi-skilled level works to apply for Permanent Resident Visa. However, there are only 2 provinces which accept low skilled worker applications as a permanent resident.

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program
Alberta Provincial Nominee Program

3. Business Stream

Canada recently cancelled its Federal Investor & Entrepreneur program. However, if you have actively run your own company or have managed more than 5 staffs in a company, you may be eligible to apply for a Permanent Resident Visa through the Provincial Nominee Programs.

4. Family Stream

If you have a spouse or common law partner who is either a Permanent Resident or Canadian Citizen, your spouse/common law partner can sponsor you to become a PR.

If you have a son/daughter who is either a Permanent Resident or Canadian Citizen and his/her income is at a certain level, he/she can sponsor you to become a PR.

5. Protected Persons (Refugee)

If you are afraid of persecution in your country of origin and have a well-founded fear based on nationality, Particular Social Group, Religion, Political Opinion or Race, you may be able to claim a refugee at the port of entry or within Canada.