How to improve your speaking and listening skill 😉


Suggestion 1

Make friends with people in Vancouver

First of all, I recommend using the Vancouver Meetup Website.

Vancouver hosts all sorts of Meetups, there are conversational English meetups,

cooking meetups, meetups for people who like board games etc.

Go to a meetup event today!

here’s the link:

 Suggestion 2

Watch Educational TV and use subtitles

Watch TED talks

TED talks have been watched by a billion people worldwide.

These are informative talks given by academics about all sorts of interesting topics, such as; art, design, science, fashion, politics and more.

Here’s the link:

This is how I recommend you use TED talks to improve your English.

1. watch the TED talk without subtitles – once

2. then watch the TED talk with English subtitles twice

3. then try to overlap, and repeat what the speaker says at least 3 times

(you can use subtitles this way)

4. Finally, try to shadow and repeat what the speaker says

without using subtitles at least 5 times

You can try it from this banner ↓

You can also watch a variety of great TV shows with English subtitles on Netflix

My last 2 suggestions are:

  1. change your cell phone to English

  2. listen to English music

And finally, don’t be afraid to just try and speak English, don’t worry if you make mistakes!