Vancouver International College is a perfect school for improving your speaking skill and pronunciation in English. International students tend to have some questions about their learning, “Why can’t people understand my English?” or, “What can I do to speak English without any problems?” VIC offers a clear and concise answer to these questions. And all the classes in VIC are optional, so it makes it possible to create the curriculum that works for you. This system can meet the various demands of different people, from someone who wants to learn English while working to someone who wants to learn English thoroughly.  

Vancouver International College (VIC)は、スピーキング力の改善、強化や発音矯正をしたい人にぴったりの学校です。「どうして伝わらないんだろう」「ちゃんと話せるようになるには何が必要なんだろう」という疑問に対して、VICはきちんと本質をついた解決策を提供してくれます。また、全クラス選択制で、受講時間数やクラスの内容もフレキシブルに選べるようになっているので、働きながら英語を学びたい方からがっつり英語学習漬けになりたい方まで、幅広いニーズに対応することができます。

Improve your speaking skill and pronunciation at Vancouver International College (VIC)!

“Why can’t I express what I want to tell you?” The answer from VIC is, “You do not pronounce correctly.” Therefore, correcting pronunciation is at the core of their curriculum, and students can take high-quality training for speaking natural English. In order to do that, teachers always come to students during their speaking practice to check and correct the ways to move their mouths. So students will feel like they are taking a one on one lesson despite it being a group lesson.

For example, in Speaking Clinic class, which is one of the most popular classes, teachers point out all the student’s mistakes, which are made when they speak, and correct them. Also, teachers teach how to use various English expressions in a natural manner. At the end of the week, students can get a lot of excellent advice from teachers. With the assistance from the teachers, you can clearly recognize your weak points while speaking. For providing such meticulous teaching, VIC cares about even the layout of tables and chairs in the classroom! We can feel that they are really particular about their teaching, can’t we?



Improve your speaking skill and pronunciation at Vancouver International College (VIC)!

As previously mentioned, there are a lot of options at VIC. You can create your own curriculum flexibly according to what you want to improve or intensify. There is a wide range of options such as General ESL, College Preparation, Business Communication, IELTS, Medical English, Communication Arts, in which you can intensify your expressiveness including using slang, and so on. You can also select the learning hours from Part-time programs (minimum 5 hours a week) to Full-time programs (25 hours a week). And if you want to change your classes, you can do it very easily. VIC is full of options which offer solutions for all students.


Improve your speaking skill and pronunciation at Vancouver International College (VIC)!

If you would like to get specific skills for your career development after learning English, you should use their Career Pathway System. With this system, you can change your ESL classes to specific career programs without an additional fee (Or you can transfer the fee for the career programs). You will have enough time to think of your career plan because you can choose a program after you come to Canada.

VIC also provides its options with families. English for Children and Families has a very good reputation as well as ones for adults. While children are learning English at the kid’s campus, their parents can learn at the adult campus which is located next door. Licensed teachers give academic lessons to children with kindness while making it fun. Children can enjoy fieldwork as well, so they will never be bored!




Improve your speaking skill and pronunciation at Vancouver International College (VIC)!

I suppose that you already got what you can do at VIC. If you do not know where you should start learning from or if there are too many attractive options to choose by yourself, you should talk with their Student Advisors. They will support you thoroughly and in a friendly manner.

If you want to know more about VIC, please feel free to ask us!

様々な選択肢を提供してくれるVIC。「強化したいポイントが多くて何から学び始めればいいかわからない」「どのクラスにも興味があって選べない!」という方は、アドバイザーの Ayanoさんと Reina さんがしっかりサポートして下さるので安心してくださいね★VICについてもっと知りたい方は、お気軽にお問い合わせください^^