Happy New Year!

In order to start off 2017 on a good note, you should do the following things below!

You will have a more enjoyable year than last year;)


1. Read books. Lots of books!

Any book is okay! Romance, comedy, mystery, science fiction or business.

All of them will increase your imagination and get your brain moving!

2. Contact friends who you have become alienated with.

Call just one person you’d like to catch up with to let them know you’re thinking of


3. Make a plan

Write out what are you going to do daily, weekly and monthly.

You can use digital calendars but, I would recommend using a paper calendar.

4. Check your finances

Is there anywhere you would like to travel to? Or is there a big purchase you’d like to make?

What is your plan to pay for it?

Let’s say you save money $700 per month you will have money $8,400 by the end of this year!

5. Make 100 goals

Do you think it is difficult to make 100 goals?

It may be but increasing your challenges will make you grow and will make the year more enjoyable!